AriseBharat Digest – Phalguna, Yugabd 5118

Namaste Bandhus

Wishing you all a Happy Holi ! We are glad to share this edition of our Digest.

The country has witnessed a round of elections in some of the states and it does seem that the voter has voted above the framework of caste and faith. As is being rightly said, a voter is trying to usher in a new era of hope and positiveness.  A major change that seems to be occuring is the assertion of the Muslim woman who is taking up the cause of fighting against the draconian practise of Triple Talak.


Saraswati Rajamani was 16 years old when Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose visited Rangoon to collect funds and recruit volunteers for INA. Netaji  gave a inspiring speech. Deeply impressed with his fiery speech, Rajamani removed all her expensive gold and diamond jewellery and donated it to the Indian National Army.– She became woman was India’s youngest spy, Read more about Saraswati Rajamani

Rising Bharat

Aero India 2017 provided a significant platform in bolstering business opportunities in International aviation sector. It has favourably poised an exponential growth over previous edition. A rapidly growing economy, defence preparedness challenges and opening up of defence production to private sector, have given a major fillip to the defence industry in India. It has also become a hub centre for defence business in the Asia.

Read More about Aero India 2017

Setting the Record Straight

There is a Muslim ideologue who has been going around town stating that Aurangzeb destroyed the Kashi temple in order to punish the priests there for having assaulted a Hindu princess. We share with you Dr.Koenraad Elst’s rebuttal of the same

Why Did Aurangzeb Destroy the Kashi Vishwanath Temple


Communism captured power in Kerala in 1957 and since then ideological opponents are physically targeted and killed. About 270 nationalists have been murdered in Kerala. Over 82 of them have been murdered in Kannur district alone.  Supplementing this dance of death, there is a police torture and false cases, especially when CPM/LDF grabs power.

Vimala – 28th December 2016 – Burnt alive with other relatives. Locked in the house which was set ablaze. A relative and her husband died on the spot. Vimala struggled with third degree burns and died in the hospital.

Santosh – 18th January 2017 – CPI-M hoodlums waylaid him near his house, in the constitutuency of the chief minister, Dharmadam, and hacked him to death.

Nirmal –12th February 2017 – A 21 year old nationalist youth killed brutally.

K. Ramachandran – 11th July 2016 – A labour leader murdered before the eyes of his horrified wife in broad daylight.

Ramith –12th October 2016 – Young man, the sole breadwinner of his family, was waylaid when he came out to purchase medicines, and slaughtered. His father, Uttaman, was killed in an identical fashion fourteen years ago

P. Chandrasekharan – 4th July 2012 – former CPM worker – killed without remorse or pang of conscience.

What wrong did these citizens of Bharat commit? Was their work for nationalist organizations, for the poor, for the country, a crime? Apparently in the eyes of the Marxists, it was. These are just a few instances of the continual ongoing massacre of patriotic men and women of India by Kerala Communists. For more details, do read,

Bharat Must Rise to Defang the communists

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Team Arise Bharat.

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