The Paradox of Invoking Ambedkar Ideology To Celebrate British Victory Over Peshwas


By his speech in the Constituent Assembly, Dr.Ambedkar made it clear that he would have nothing to do with any force trying to divide the country on the name of caste, creed or political party. Yet the paradox is that groups who invoke Ambedkar’s “ideology” to promote the very opposite of what he said !

It is sad that even children are not spared in this political game..Watch this video (received over whatsapp) of a small boy stating he is carrying stones to attack the Marathas who have attacked us. He says he has come to Pune inspired by Dr.Ambedkar !! The paradox is that Dr.Ambedkar clearly opposed all forms of anarchy To see small children as tools in a political game is reprehensible.


Ambedkar on Shivaji battle


It is not that India was never an independent country. The point is that she once lost the independence she had. Will she lost it a second time? It is this thought which makes me most anxious for the future. What perturbs me greatly is the fact that not only India has once before lost her independence, but she lost it by the infidelity and treachery of some of her own people. In the invasion of Sind by Mahommed-Bin-Kasim, the military commanders of King Dahar accepted bribes from the agents of Mahommed-Bin-Kasim and refused to fight on the side of their King. It was Jaichand who invited Mahommed Gohri to invade India and fight against Prithvi Raj and promised him the help of himself and the Solanki Kings. When Shivaji was fighting for the liberation of Hindus, the other Maratha noblemen and the Rajput Kings were fighting the battle on the side of Moghul Emperors. When the British were trying to destroy the Sikh Rulers, Gulab Singh, their principal commander sat silent and did not help to save the Sikh Kingdom. In 1857, when a large part of India had declared a war of independence against the British, the Sikhs stood and watched the event as silent spectators.

Will history repeat itself? It is this thought which fills me with anxiety.

Read Full speech of Dr.Ambedkar in Constituent Assembly


AMbedkar Sivaji Telugu


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