The Truth About George Reddy

Communist ecosystem notorious for creating fake narratives, has this time taken up a new project in Telangana – to create the legend of a fake hero: George Reddy.

A movie eulogizing  him will be released shortly and as a precursor marketing exercise, a series of articles have started appearing in some dailies like Hans India & some social media platforms.  Some of the articles have gone as far as presenting him as a messiah.

This piece will attempt to bring to fore that side of his life which is being hidden from people.

Emergence of George Reddy in Osmania University : :

In 1969-70, a small group eulogizing Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara emerged in Osmania University under George Reddy.

George came from a troubled childhood. His mother was a Christian from Kerala and father belonged to Chittoor district. They separated when George was eight years old.

During his college days , he was inspired by the emerging Naxalite movement in Naxalbari and started reading Marxism. George indoctrinated a handful of students with Che’s ideology and gave them training in using weapon such as knuckle-dusters, blades and knives. They camouflaged their political ideology by associating themselves with NSUI, the student wing of Congress and direct patronage from Congress leaders.. He used to release pamphlets under the name ‘PDS’. This acronym was later used to form the PDSU or the Progressive Democratic Students Union.

George Reddy’s emergence coincided with rise of Naxal Terror:

This development coincided with the armed uprising in distant Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. That phase of naxal insurgency lasted for four years (1968-72) during which 156 ‘class enemies’ were eliminated by naxals.  This innocuous figure was no indicator of the terror let loose by them. A large number of people including women and children were mercilessly  thrashed. Hundreds had lost limbs. To frighten the common people and to prevent them from giving evidence in courts, the armed squads exhibited medieval barbarism. They used to chop body into pieces in front of wailing family members after killing an opponent. They used to severe the head of their target and hang it to a bamboo pole in the very courtyard of the victim’s house. In some instances, the chopped heads of the victims were hung to the doors and rafters. A number of opponents were tortured to death before dazed and wailing near and dear ones. They used to dip their hands in the blood of the victims and used their blood as ink to scribble slogans on the walls.

George Reddy : A votary of barbaric violence 

George Reddy was also cast in the same mould.  In his book ‘Maoism’ Sri Piratla Venkateshwalu , wrote that George used to instigate the new recruits with the slogan

You are not a true communist, until your hands are not soaked in the blood of the class enemy ” 

There were 14 criminal cases against him since 1968.  In 1970, he stabbed two students of Law College in the Osmania University campus. Neither Osmania University nor any other educational institution in Andhra Pradesh earlier witnessed such intimidating violence. The violence shook not only the students and academics circles but had reverberations across the state. The University Syndicate rusticated him. However, the Vice-Chancellor had to revoke the rustication within few weeks due to pressure exerted by some fellow-travellers.

It is now being propagated that George Reddy was winning elections in OU. The truth, however, is otherwise. In 1970, the ABVP won large number of Student Unions in Hyderabad and Telangana. George Reddy’s nominee for Osmania University Science College union lost the election. This made him bitter and he decided to take revenge on ABVP and also teach a lesson to the general students.

Terror on OU campus by George Reddy

George Reddy was actively used by the splinter groups within the Congress party which was going through an internal power struggle. The Communists were in strategic alliance with the Congress.

In August 1971, George and his gang used to roam around in Hyderabad in APCC jeep at freewill and struck terror. They abducted ABVP activist Ch. Narasimha Reddy, a PG student, from his hostel room in the Osmania University Campus and thrashed him severely with hockey sticks and rods. This was followed by an attack on Ch.Vidyasagar Rao, President of Law College Union. His jaw was dislocated and had to be hospitalized for several weeks. The group then picked up another ABVP leader Narayan Das from his residence, beat him severely and abandoned him in a remote location assuming he was dead.

This attack was followed by another attack in which N. Indrasena Reddy, Secretary of Hyderabad ABVP unit, Surdas Reddy  and other activists received serious head injuries. The then Congress Government preferred to turn blind eye to these heinous criminal acts. George Reddy’s murderous attacks on ABVP activists continued unabated. The count of those injured swelled each passing day.

Death of George Reddy & After:

During the campaign for the Student Union elections of OU Engineering College, scheduled in April 1972, George Reddy raided the Engineering Hostel with his armed goons to terrorize the common students.
George neither belonged to the college nor was he resident there. Whereas the candidate who was contesting against George’s group was a resident of the hostel. What business did George have in raiding the Engineering college hostel if the intentions were not hostile ? George Reddy lost his life in that clash.

The postmortem report which was enclosed with the Charge-sheet discloses very interesting facts which the public didn’t know. A knife and a lethal weapon called knuckle- duster was found concealed in George Reddy’s clothes. Knuckle duster is a specially made weapon shaped like a hand with claws and nails. It is worn on the hands and is used to beat, scratch and claw opponents. It also came to light later that George Reddy used this weapon against his opponents in the past too.

The newspapers came out with banner headlines indicting ABVP and RSS for murdering a NSUI leader. Unfortunately, none of the journalists bothered to check the extremist background of George Reddy. A section in the Congress sensed political opportunity in his death and used its might to exploit the incident and tried to crush ABVP. The cartage of the dead body,  led by Congress leader S.Jayapal Reddy, was deliberately halted in front of the State Headquarters of RSS in Hyderabad and inflammatory slogans were raised. Some even tried to jump over the gate.

Former Chief Minister Kasu Brahmanand Reddy, who was also a Christian paid a visit to the family of George Reddy to express his solidarity. Some leaders from the Congress, CPI and CPM submitted a memorandum to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to take stringent action against the RSS. But the Intelligence Wing of the Police knew what this group was upto.

ABVP activists Charge sheeted, High Court Cleared Them:

The Police charge-sheeted nine people including six ABVP activists. They remained in jail for six months until acquitted by the trial court. On the day of their release, the NSUI took out a procession in the campus shouting objectionable slogans such as: “Not the Courts but we pronounce the judgment and will punish them.” The Government went in appeal to the High Court. But the High Court upheld the lower court’s judgment. The incident and the legal battle put a lot of strain on the ABVP.

End Note : 

As per MHA report, the violence unleashed by the forces that George Reddy represented have claimed the lives of over 12000 people in the last two decades ( 1996 to 2018 ) of which close to 8000 are civilians. The BBC put this number at 6000 in its report. It is in the interest of society that such violent and misguided individuals are not eulogized but presented for what they represent, viz hatred, jealousy &  violence motivated by narcissism. The cloak that they put on must be unmasked.

Sources :

  • ‘Seven Decades My Journey with an Ideology’ by Prof S.V.Seshagiri Rao.
  •  Struggle Against Nation Splitters
  • BBC report : 1st July 2010
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45 thoughts on “The Truth About George Reddy

  1. Pk

    How easily George Reddy is framed in this article as a criminal and how delibertly the author gave a clean chit to the murderers of this legend this clearly shows who was George Reddy.
    Jai hind

  2. Amit modi

    Take all the AbVp / BJP desh drohies pack them up in a bag n place them at Chinese border as a barricade let them show their deshbhakti with communist China at the border.. will see how many would show their desh Bhakti .. their only intention is communal riots

    Jai hind

  3. Janardhan

    Shame on ABVP and RSS .Creating fake articles telling all bullshit stories . Every one knows the truth that’s why even after 50years we remember him we lost a great leader johar George Reddy love you forever ❤️

  4. Praneeth

    shame on you RSS and ABVP cashing vote in the name of religion and disrupting peace. You have no idea living like a hero George reddy.

  5. Bring change by ur actions

    The point to remember is anyone is not perfectly good or bad… So i will not just judge a person by ur writings or what was shown in the movie…
    People need not fight over here to prove that he was good or bad… coz no one ever saw him in person or spent time with him…
    If he was a good personality then its great if he was bad then it’s fine…
    Instead of fighting on someone who is not here today… fight for someone who really need your help people…

  6. 4thePeopleByThePeople

    The simple fact you can’t digest, ABVP guys killed George reddy, then covered it up. Now again you are trying the same thing. There might be good people in ABVP but frankly speaking, writing this article to create negativity on George reddy shows that people like you exist even today. Remember simple act, if George reddy was a bad person, then I am sure, he could have lived and could have been a politician. But he was a student who raised his voice against evil forces operating in university campuses. I personally had some experiences with the ABVP leader in KU campus 20 years back. I have to say, he was the most shitty person I ever saw. We, students, use to go to a tea shop near our campus, Vendor use to give tea in paper cups, each tea used to cost us 3 rupees maybe in those days. This guy once kicked the counter table and broke its glass and was threatening shop keeper because he was not satisfied with tea quantity. Really? bloody you can talk to that vendor and tell him whats the issue. But breaking stuff and beating the vendor is fucking rude. That day I lost my respect for ABVP. They even use to get help from outside, some ex-students. I don’t know whats the point of involving ex-students and outsiders into university matters? Believe me, all these buggers just join the union to show off and do rowdyism. They do nothing good for students. Students should be careful of such organizations. Students should simply stop supporting these bloody goons. They work for politicians. remember that. So it’s better if students concentrate on studies and stay away from organizations like ABVP, you don’t need an organization like ABVP to fight for your cause. You all are students and you just need to unite and never let any politician or outsider involve in your matters.

  7. beleiver

    Nobody beleives the shit you wrote. People who all fought for good cause and died in PDSU or ABVP and whatever parties, RIP. And people like you do exist and write wrong things about others. If you dont write good about someone or dont like someone is upto you. But creating stories and passing wrong information about a good person is very wrong and god will never forgive you.

    1. Vasanth Kumar

      i am not a student or ABVP guy….while seeing wikipedia about george reddy it seems someone edited info about his murder as done by RSS and ABVP……kindly update it or take action to remove it

      1. Notanandhbakth

        You are not an student or and ABVP guy
        You are a chut sala. From WhatsApp university.

  8. beleiver

    If you think what you post is true , then why didn’t you mention about his academics that he is very brilliant. This proves you were wrong and what you wrote is entirely false. Not a single sentence you wrote good about him because you are so jealous of him and cant reach his level.
    We love george reddy that doesn’t mean we consider ABVP or so called parties worst. What happened in those years is a different story and cruel people who lived in those years have done such horrible thing to george reddy. We love george reddy sir .Respect!

  9. Cyril Reddy

    That’s so funny. ABVP and RSS are the goons in India now and the whole country knows this truth. Just by publishing an article in their favour will not change opinion on them.

    1. arisebharat Post author

      Due to the innumerous sacrifices of the RSS and ABVP karyakartas and the immense support received from the society at large, the communists are now in oblivion, relegated to the dustbins of history where they rightly belong. No amount of film making & propaganda is going to absolve them of the murder of millions of people across the world including India.
      Each public discourse that you bring in will be an opportunity for the national forces to expose you.

      1. Satya

        In that what BJP is doing now. Fucking shit and bull shit. These people will never accept anything which they don’t like even though whole world says it is true and right. We need to kill this religion terrorism by removing this religion related student groups, political parties. These are more harmful and dangerous to our country than terrorism. RSS, BJP and ABVP are more harmful for a secular country like India. I am also a HINDU but before that I am a HUMAN and INDIAN.

  10. murali

    Can you tell that ABVP has no role in killing george Reddy no you can’t because George was the rising leader of that time,that made ABVP more jealous & decided to eliminate george finally succeeded after number of attacks, it’s a fact George Reddy was a hero of that times.

    1. arisebharat Post author

      Rising leader ! Ha ha ! George Reddy’s nominee lost the election inspite of the goondaism . Ofcourse ABVP has no role to play in the death of George Reddy. You may wish to ask the leaders of the factions among the Congress under whom George was but a pawn about how he died and who conspired. That is if you are interested in the truth. Else, you may live in the smokescreen that they created about his death.
      Any sincere follower of George Reddy if there are any must explore the Congress factions role in his death.

      1. Satya

        If People like you threaten the students, what will happen?? Nobody can go against the villains like u.. if George reddy was there, u could have seen it.. u killed him bastard.. and u people threaten the students.. that’s y it was happened

  11. Venugopal medi

    ‘Seven Decades My Journey with an Ideology’ by Prof S.V.Seshagiri Rao ….there is no such link or book….in google i searched .

  12. Venugopal medi

    If the statements given by you…are you would have written mentioned your name too…as mentioned by george reddy friend’s and professors ….not only you even some other people like son of surdas reddy or lakhan singh writting such statements ….but mention your …..if its true….if he really such wrong person he cannot be such intellectual or else you are false mr.anonymous………

  13. Khatkarkalan

    Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil mein hai
    Teri qurbani ka charcha ghair ke mehfil mein hai
    Malcolm X “you will get freedom by letting your enemy know that you will be able to do anything to get your freedom, then you will get it. It is the only way you get it… They will call you an extremist or a subversive or seditious or a red or radical. But when you stay radical long enough and get enough people to be like you, you will get your freedom”.

  14. Vijay

    Facts are facts. Portraying someone as forgotten leader or a hero requires one to understand the background and the history of that person. Violence is never a solution for the problem. We had great Patriots like Bhagat Singh who fought for our freedom. But inciting anti India slogans, following violence, derogatory messages and creating havoc within the country does not lead to a stronger and better nation. Now how can you say someone a Hero who had all these traits.

  15. Kuldeep

    A movie should actually be made taking into account these facts. George Readdy comes across a bloodthirsty communist who ushered the ear of violence in educational institutions. Eulogizing him will present a bad example for youth

  16. Pingback: ఇదీ జార్జిరెడ్డి నిజస్వరూపం | Arise Bharat

    1. Venugopal medi

      If the statements are true …mention your name and background ….as mentioned by george reddy ‘s friends and professors….even i can write about any person without mentioning my name…then y in OU people are gathering to rememeber him on 14 April … why not for surdas and lahkan singh……they academic back ground speaks about every one it may george redyy ,
      Surdas or lahkan or narsimha reddy


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