First online international Akhand Shri Ramcharitmanas Path ‘Ramotsav’ completed, world record made

Press note

5 August. The first online international Akhand Sri Ramcharitmanas Path called ‘Ramotsav’, organized by a group of Ram devotees of Bhopal on the historic occasion of Bhoomi Pujan in Sri Ram Janmabhoomi, concluded on Wednesday. This Path started on 4 August at 7 am and continued smoothly, and concluded on Wednesday, 5 August at 4:15 pm the next day. According to the organizers of Ramotsav, this is the first time that any such online Akhand Ramayana Path has been completed.

First time, almost 33 hours 15 minutes of continuous online Path
The event ran from 4 August morning 7 am till 5 August 4:15 evening. In which about 50 teams from India and abroad including Bhopal were participated. The country’s first Sanskrit band “Dhruva Band” also participated in the event and performed a very beautiful rendition of Manas. In addition to India, Manas lovers from Canada, England, Ramayana Center Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Nepal, Canada etc. have done a delightful Akhand Manas Path online.

Event included in World Book of Records
“The event was included in the World Book of Records”. This information was given by Dr. Pradeep Mishra, Officer of the World Book of Records. On inclusion in the World Record, British MP Mr. Virendra Sharma, British MP Mr. Alok Sharma, Chairman of England Dr. Divakar Shukla and Chairman Shri Santosh Shukla (Advocate-Supreme Court) sent best wishes.

Participation of every class
The specialty of the event was also that there was participation of individuals of every age group in the online Akhand Ramcharitmanas Manas Path. On the other hand, a student from Lucknow, (visually impaired) Sandeep Pal read with the help of Braille script.

Chaupai resonated in Ramayana Center Mauritius as well
The lines ‘Ram Viraje in Sakal Hans’ were marked. There were also active participation of 3 Ramayana troupes from Mauritius, known as the Small India across the seven seas, in which the members of the famous Ramayana Center Mauritius performed a musical performance.

Rambhaktas also performed separate Akhand Path.
During the Ramotsav, many devotees stayed in their homes and worshiped Akhand Shri Ramcharitmanas. Kushagra Raj Tiwari of Bhopal, BM Tiwari of Delhi etc. read the entire Ramayana in their home.

Technical, Co-ordination and Backup team was active for the entire 33 hours 15 minutes
To make this program a success, the technical team, the coordination team and the backup team were active for the entire 34 hours. It is worth noting that the event was broadcast live on social media on Facebook through the Zoom app, for which the technical team was continuously active. In order to make contact with the different Manas troupes and make the Ahand Manas Path, the Co-ordination team and the backup team successfully completed the program.

On the closing occasion, to make the grand Sri Ram Mandir foundation stone program memorable, fruit plants were planted at various places on the concluding occasion of Ramcharitmanas recitation.This online Manas Path started with Hanuman Garhi in Ayodhya which was attended by scholars of Vedas. The closing ended with Ajay Yagnik, the famous hymn singer and storyteller, from the musical notes of Delhi. This unique Ramayana Path of its kind has become a cause of discussion in the country. A key member of the organizers said that the coordination of the Ramayana quadruples was a big challenge but it became much easier with teamwork.

Many parts of the country ranged from big villages to big officials working in cities were associated with this manas path. This is the reason that Path in various genres were completed in it.

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