Hybrid intellectual Tommies on Neeraj Chopra’s Olympic Gold

Our country went into a frenzy as soon as Neeraj Chopra won the first Olympic gold medal for the country in track and field. His victory ended the century-long wait of a country of 1.3 billion people.

The young army man,  who comes from a farming background, instantly became a National Hero. It is being said that the performance of the Indian contingent in Tokyo Olympics will make kids fall in love and pursue even non-Cricket sports seriously now.

Greetings poured in for star javelin thrower from all quarters, including from the President, the Prime Minister and ex-Olympians.

Echoing the sentiments of the millions of emotional countrymen, a Twitter user wrote: “Nation will remember this day when our National Anthem was played at Olympics 🥇🥇Jai Hind”

On an international platform, an athlete represents the country and as its citizens, and hence their achievements are always treated as a National Achievement.

Yet it did not take long for people from left-liberal camp on social media to brand him a ‘Sanghi’. The reason being Neeraj Chopra’s old tweets congratulating Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sanghi Neeraj Chopra:

Soon, the search for “Is Neeraj Chopra Sanghi?” shot up.

Liberals move to ‘Cancel’ Neeraj Chopra

Left-leaning liberals and feminists had complete melt down and went into frenzy to “cancel” and abuse the Olympic gold medalist.

Journalist Sherina Poyyail interned at notorious left-leaning publication the Quint.

Our left-leaning universities are producing toxic people. The obnoxious cocktail of communism, Islamism and feminism are producing a new variant of crossbreed intellectuals who neither have ability to see things in perspective nor basic decency  in public discourse.


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