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Timeline of Hijab propaganda

Credits : Vijay Patel @vijaygajera Extremely important thread.

  1. Real timeline of Hijab propaganda.
    This thread is really important for the future of India.
    You are going to know about the radical group and their propaganda.

You will also learn How communist media helped them.

So let’s start 👇

  1. Early in September 2021, a radical and criminal student group Campus front of India(CFI) has started its membership drive in colleges including Udupi.

Campus Front of India is part of the radical Islam group Popular front of India (PFI)

  1. Just after one month, in a very similar period, all four initial alleged victims of Hijab propaganda have opened their accounts on Twitter.

And started to promote the agenda of CFI by taking part in hashtag Champions.

  1. Now here let me draw your attention to one point.
    In an interview with BBC, one of the alleged victims has told that they were not members of CFI.
    They have contacted them only after the Hijab controversy!
  1. But was she saying the truth?
    No, at least their Twitter timelines say a different story.
    From the first day of their on Twitter, they were started to propaganda of CFI.
    Let me show you some patterns of their posts.

  1. They have started to post copy-paste tweets to take part in the hashtag Champion of CFI on 1st November 2021.
    This hashtag was against the new education policy.
  1. As you can see in one of Muskaan’s tweets, this hashtag champion was started by CFI.
  1. Next CFI hashtag was started on 8 November 2021 regarding Babri Masjid.
    Just look at the language they have used and their copy-paste work.
  1. President of the CFI has also done tweets in this Champion.
    You can also see their poster regarding this Twitter champion.
  1. Next Twitter champion of CFI was on 11th November 2021 regarding Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad.
  1. Here again you can see that girls were part of the WhatsApp group or the toolkit of CFI to promote their hashtag.
  1. On 19th November 2021, they are again part of a hashtag champion of CFI.
    Look at the language and words they have copy-pasted from the toolkit.
  1. On 21 November 2021, CFI State President has started a Twitter champion regarding Azaan.
  1. Look how these girls had done word-to-word copy-paste work while following WhatsApp groups or the toolkit of CFI.
    Don’t forget to see words like ‘Sanghi’ while advising Hindus to go to Nepal.
  1. If you still have doubts about copy-paste work and radical language. These tweets are for you.
  1. Next hashtag of CFI was started on 12th December 2021 to support arrested criminal Rauf Shareef.
    Again see the copy-paste work and language they have used.
  1. Rauf Shareef is secretory of CFI and was arrested by UP police one year ago.
    He was involved in money laundering for CAA and Delhi riots.
    He was also involved in the Hathras case.
  1. This is a sample tweet to understand how these girls were radicalized by the potentially terrorist outfit CFI and PFI.
  1. This proves that these girls were very well connected with CFI and their claim to come in contact with CFI only after Hijab propaganda is disloyal.
    Now let’s move on the important part of this propaganda.
  2. On 31st December 2021, these girls and the state committee member of CFI, Masood Manna has started propaganda from a college campus.
  1. On 1st January, a Propaganda reporter of leftist and Islamic web portals, Meer Faisal has took an interview with the girls.
    Look at the bio, in which propaganda media he writes.
    It has the name of The Wire too
  1. On 2nd January 2022 these girls have done a press conference along with CFI to take this propaganda to the next level.
  1. On 13th January 2022 another propaganda reporter came to take their interview.
    Look at the names of the website she writes for!
    The Wire is again there
  1. On 19th January 2022 left-wing students and left-wing TV channel NDTV came into the picture.
  1. On 20th January 2022 another leftist propaganda journalist came and did her job.

Later when this case finally went viral, all the leftist propaganda media including IPSMF funded media and their propaganda journalists has started to play their roles.

As usual, Congress is playing their role in this case by providing legal help to this fake propaganda 👇

Accent does not matter- clarity does!

Source: Tweets -prema lakshminarayan@GEEMS71

This anecdote illustrates how content and clarity scored over panache and surface polish. An unimpressive looking, dhoti clad and short-sighted old man with a pronounced Tamil-influenced English accent, addressed a crowd of impatient and skeptical young men in London nearly sixty years ago. He won their hearts and admiration by sheer clarity and content of his speech. I can vouch for it because I(the author) was in the audience! Three intellectuals from India, Benegal Shiva Rao, RR Diwakar and Rajaji

traveled to US to meet President Kennedy to urge him to adopt unilateral nuclear disarmament in 1962. They stopped over in London to meet Bertrand Russell, the apostle of the policy. They addressed Indian students at Indian YMCA in London on a Sunday.1942 The naval officers under training at Royal Naval College, Greenwich, were advised by the Indian Naval Advisor at London to attend the lecture. I would have gone anyway as I wanted to hear Rajaji speak. Suited and booted Shiva Rao and Diwakar spoke impressively of their mission1839 in clipped Oxbridge accents. They were followed by a nondescript looking old man Rajaji clad in a Dhoti Kurta and wearing sandals. The audience mostly from north India, thought they were in for a boring time. Rajaji had a pronounced South Indian accent which did not add to his appeal. He started by saying “I am an old man nearing the end of his life. You are young people doing advanced studies in England. I was wondering what advice I could give you, when I found it plastered in billboards on London Roads. “Take Courage!”

“Take Courage!” (These were advertisements for beer from the well known brewery Courage and Barclays!)” The audience sat up. He followed ” I mean, take courage, not of the liquid variety but that which comes from within. Be bold in facing life’s challenges.”

By then, he had the audience eating out of his hands. He spoke for forty minutes on nuclear disarmament and many other subjects. He then urged the students to return to India on completion of their studies. He was brilliant. We forgot Diwakar and Shiva Rao totally.

He ended with the advice ” Never confuse comfort with happiness. Comfort comes from conveniences outside and would be available sooner or later in India also. It is external to your being. Happiness comes from your inner core and does not depend on material things around.

You may have more comfort here but you will find happiness only in India. Come back and serve your motherland and live with your kith and kin.” Believe it or not, with the permission of the audience he spoke in Tamil for five minutes and then reverted to English.

When he finished there was a standing ovation. Every one of us was moved. Substance always triumphs over form! (P.S.- The delegation met up with the US President John F. Kennedy, who gave them 25 minutes but was so charmed by Rajaji that in the end they chatted for over an hour Later, Kennedy told an aide that “seldom have I heard a case presented with such precision, clarity and elegance of language”.

The diplomat, B.K. Nehru, who was present, recalled how “the secretaries who came in with slips of paper reminding the president of his appointments were shooed away”. Kennedy, it appears, was “fascinated” by Rajaji.

A book depicting the cruelty during the 1921 Mappila Rebellion released in Chennai

A book titled “Nootraandu Kaanum Maapla Kalavaram ( 100th year of Mapla rebellion) written by former Kendra Pracharak and currently the Akil Bharathyia joint secretary of VHP G Sthanumalayan, published by Vijayabharatham Prasuram, was released on 13th July in Chennai.
Former Special Secretary to Government of Tamil Nadu, Higher Education Dept, Dr. I .V Manivannan Secretary of Meenakshi Sundararajan Engg. College Dr. KS Babai and KEH Group MD Vasanthkumar received the first copy of the book at a function held on 13th in Chennai.
Dr Manivannan said as a student of history in his IAS examinations knew the facts well. Muslims, historians and others distorted the facts to suit their needs, ideologies and whims and fancies. It is not a prelude to freedom fight movement. It was to restore the caliph of the Ottoman Caliphate, who was considered the leader of Muslims, as an effective political authority.
The Khilafat or Caliphate movement was a protest against the sanctions placed on the caliph and the Ottoman after the First World War The Muslims in Kerala who were in majority in Malapuram district, launched the protest in India. Communists said it was a peasant movement against bhoomidhars. Actually, the Tippu sultan and his father Hyder Ali forcibly grabbed the land from the Hindus who refused to convert to Islam and distributed it among Muslims. The British rulers undid the harm done to the Hindus by giving them back their lands and properties. Irked by the action of British rulers and take revenge on the Hindus they were waiting for the right time. The Khilafat came handy for them. Their target was Hindus only and not the Britishers. But it was not given due place in History books which only talked about Jallianwala Bagh massacre and other lesser incidents”.
They unleashed violence against Hindus, women were raped in front of their husbands and brothers. . “If you have read Indian historians in any detail, you would have realized that they make it a point to emphasize that Mahatma Gandhi was a shrewd statesman … shrewd enough to capitalize on Muslims’ resentment towards the British in the aftermath of the Treaty of Sevres, and club the Khilafat and the non-cooperation movements”. In this book, the author tries give the facts truly without any bias. Page after page, the readers will get a feel of witnessing the events as a bystander or belong to same bygone era. From first page to last page it was packed with irrefutable facts and information. The author had witnessed the scene of rebellion several times and talked to the people there, referred so many books to bring out a elucidating Mapla riots in a book form.
The author deserved to be appreciated for bringing out such wonderful books to tell what had happened without any bias. The author while concluding the book says “ if the Bharathyas should not understand the gruesome macbre acts of Mapla rebellion, the history is ready to restage yet another lesson to us. Learning new lessons should not be our history is the motive behind the book. We should tell the people of align religion that they are also part of the bharat and Hindus earlier. This should be made in deepest level. We should also strengthen our Hindu religion. We should not allow Maapla riots such incidents in our country. All riots should end with that. No new riots should bear in our minds. History tells us that in all riots the hapless and physically weaker ones were victims”.
Sthanmalayan in his address briefed the need for the book. He said “I travelled extensively all the places for more than 30 times to under the things in right perspective. I consulted a lot of books before writing for the book. It is my first book. This the first book on the subject detailing the riots”.
In back wrapper, the author quoted Dr Ambedkar’s words ( Pakistan or The Partition of India) “ No words to describe the blood clotting violence unleashed against Hindus in Malabar region in Kerala by Maapla Muslims. It sent shivers among Hindus in the southern part of India. Can we forgot the 1921 Hindu massacre?
The book in Tamil is worth reading for all who want to know the facts of one of the most macabre massacres of Hindus, ripping open of pregnant women, raping of teenaged girls and women in front of their husbands, parents and brothers.
Vijayabharatham Prasuram ( 12 MV Naidu street, Chetput) is the publisher of the book. This 96 page book is priced at Rs.100. copies can be had on

Source :

Akshay Tritiya

Source :Twitter thread of  @veejaysai 

Today is the auspicious day of Vaishakha Sukla Tritiya, also celebrated as #AkshayaTritiya on the traditional Hindu calendar. A short thread on the many significant holy events connected to this day

According to the ancient Nilamata Purana (679-83) written in Kashmir, it was on #AkshayaTritiya that the holy river Ganga descended to the earth.

Image from 10th century AD Nepal showing the Gangavatarana Karana as described in the Natyashastra.

According to several ancient texts, Lord Parashurama was born to princess Renuka and Sage Jamadagni on #AkshayaTritiya. He was the 6th Avatara of Vishnu in the Dashavatara pantheon. Image shows a rare Chaturbuja Parashurama from the famous Rani ki Vav in Patan in Gujarat.

Several sources mention #AkshayaTritiya was the beginning of Treta Yuga. It was also the day Sage Vyasa commenced dictating the Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha.

Lord Krishna met his childhood friend Sudama on the holy day of #AkshayaTritiya and blessed him with endless riches!

Image of Krishna washing Sudama’s feet by ISKCON

According to the Vanaparva of Mahabharata, lord Surya blesses the Pandavas, in Agnathavasam, with the Akshaya Patra on the day of #AkshayaTritiya. Image of a rare sculpture of Pandavas receiving Akshaya Patra from Ambatheertha in Kalasa in Karnataka.

·Replying to @veejaysaiToday is the day of worshipping Lord Kubera. The lord of the Yakshas and the treasurer of the Devas. He was blessed by Shiva that anyone who worships him on #AkshayaTritiya will be blessed with wealth. Image of red sandstone Kubera from Kushana Era @NMnewdelhi.

Smiling face with smiling eyes

It was on #AkshayaTritiya that little Shankara went for his regular Bhikshaatana and composed the Kanakadhara Stotram for the poor lady who couldn’t afford to give him anything except for an Amla fruit. Chanting this today brings the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi

As a symbolic gesture, purchasing any gold, silver or jewelry on #AkshayaTritiya is supposed to bring good luck and wealth as both Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped today. Ppl also buy rice, pulses etc. Feeding the poor will bring you good luck and blessings.

Smiling face with smiling eyes

Adding something to this old thread on #AkshayaTritiya. Those of you obsessed with buying gold, it might be a good idea to check on the Archaka in the temple near you and donate something. Thousands of poor Brahmin priests have been suffering due to the lockdown.

Folded hands

MetroMan Sreedharan


Credits:Sheshapatangi1 twitter handle

Go through this thread to know whom to vote
Born at Thirthala on 12-06-1932, Sreedharan studied at Palakkad and finished engineering at Kakinada.Former CEC T N Sheshan was his classmate till intermediate. For a short period, Sreedharan worked as a lecturer in Civil engineering at the Government Polytechnic, Calicut and a year at the Bombay Port Trust as an apprentice. He joined Bharatiya Railways after clearing UPSC Exams in 1953.
Bharat and Srilanka had a train service between them. Severe cyclone destroyed the services damaging infrastructure at Dhanushkodi and Pamban, while the Train to Srilanka never resumed, Pamban was made ready in a record time.
The IR gave 6 months, Sreedharan’s boss gave 3 months and Sreedharan completed in
46 Days and received Railway Minister’s Award.

In 1970, as the deputy chief engineer, he was put in charge of the implementation, planning and design of the Calcutta metro, the first ever metro in Bharat.
In 1975 Communists removed him as he didn’t approve their Disruption. He next joined Cochin Ship Yard in 1979 as CMD and in 1981 under his leadership MV Rani Padmini which was on paper for years saw its launch. He had promotions in IR and retired in 1990 as Member Engineering, Railway Board and ex-officio Secretary to the Govt of India.

Sreedharan couldn’t enjoy his retirement as Railway Minister George Fernandes appointed Sreedharan as CMD for Konkan Railway. Under Sreedharan,the company executed its mandate in 7 Yrs. It was the first major project in Bharat to be undertaken on a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) basis, the organisation structure was different from that of a typical Indian Railway set-up, the project had 93 tunnels along a length of 82 KM and involved tunnelling through soft soil. The total project covered 760 km and had over 150 bridges. That a public sector project could be completed without significant cost and time overruns was considered an achievement by many.
(The result when 2 Honest Men Work Together)
Konkan Railway has been covered in the Extreme Railways program by Chris Tarrant as 1 of the most difficult railway project to have been constructed in the world.
His Next project was Delhi.Thanks to Ex CM Sahib Singh Verma. Sreedharan was particularly known for isolating his projects from political pressures and influences and for fast execution of projects. He had announced that he would retire by the end of 2005, but his tenure was further extended to oversee the completion of the second phase of Delhi Metro. After 16 years of service with the Delhi Metro. Sreedharan retired on 31 December 2011.

After his retirement from DMRC, Sreedharan joined as Principal Advisor of the Kochi Metro Rail Project.Initially, V S Achuthanandan led Communist govt tried to swallow money by calling Global Tenders, when Sridharan refused & subsequent opposition from all, he reversed his stand.
Kochi metro was finally unveiled on 17 June 2017, it was considered a landmark event in India in terms of completion time, control systems used & initiatives such as employing transgender people, vertical gardening, respecting migrant labourers, and use of solar power.

Metroman is married to Radha and has 4 children.