Ideological Threats

Destroying a Nation Without Firing a Bullet

Came across this incisive article. When we apply the parameters to Bharat, it seems that the enemies of Bharat have successfully been able to attack the centre of gravity of the nation, thus creating a situation of destabilisation in the country and self-loathe among the Hindus. In order to move on the path of correction, the true nationals of Bharat must be able to address the points. Read More

Terror Attacks in Bharat – Who Is Responsible

Ask this question and you receive a number of Maybe’s. Maybe it is Huji, maybe it is LeT, maybe it is Harkat and ofcourse maybe ISI, maybe it is IM etc.. While it is true that the actual perpetrators of terror are these organisations, the actual responsibility from a long term security point of view for lies with the soft UPA government. The common man can understand if the blasts had happened inspite of the government’s strong measures in handling terror. But, here we have a government that is bent upon giving a safe haven to the terrorists. The inability to face and anticipate terror is an intelligence failure and the government is squarely responsible. The inability to understand the Idealogy of the terrorists is the prime reason for the weak response of the state…For more on this subject click here

BBC Accepts that the Aryan Invasion theory is flawed

This is a very important article which calls the cloak off the most damaging theory concocted by the British and served to Indians. Most of the apparent differences that are seen in Indian society like the North-South Divide, Upper caste-  Lower caste divides, language problems, can be related to the Aryan-Dravidian theory. I believe that this theory to be the most successful chapter of the British “Divide and Rule” policy. They employed Muller as part of Macaulay’s grand scheme to devalue Indian history. So much so, that today we have large sections of educated Indians” who undermine their own heritage and consider that the British rule as a great chapter in India’s history. To Read More Click Here

Max Muller – Exposed

It’s very clear that Maxmuller was a Christian missionary but only in secular garb of a philologist whose main aim was to denounce the Vedas to clear way for Christian missionaries. Maxmuller masqueraded all his lifetime from behind the mask of literature and philology and mortgaged his pen, intellect and scholarship to wreck Hinduism but Swami Dayanand exposed his cruel plans.

To continue reading Click Here

The Myth of History – Prof Shahida Kazi

A very courageous article, esp coming from a Pakistan newspaper. If only our Indian media and the government had the courage to call a spade a spade instead of indulging in useless appeasement. Courtesy Dawn : http://www.dawn. com/weekly/ dmag/archive/ 050327/dmag1. htm

These are some of the myths that have been drummed into our heads from childhood and have become part of our consciousness. There are scores more, pervading our everyday life. And there are many unanswered questions such as:

What is Pakistan’s ideology and when was the term first coined? (It was never heard of before 1907.) Why was Gandhi murdered? (He was supposedly guarding Pakistan’s interest.) What is the truth about the so-called traitors, Shaikh Mujeeb, Wali Khan, and G.M. Syed? What caused the break-away of East Pakistan? Why was Bhutto put to death? Are all our politicians corrupt and self-serving? Why does our history repeat itself after every 10 years?

The answers to all these questions require a thorough study of history, not mythology. But history unfortunately is a discipline that has never been taken seriously by anyone in our country. It is time things changed.

To continue reading more on this article, Click Here

The Conspiracy to distort & de-nationalise students

By Himanshu Shekhar Jha

The anti-national features of the NCERT textbooks particularly those related to history and social studies are too glaring to be overlooked. Take, for example, a textbook in history for class VII. This book begins with the photograph of a Muslim cartographer from Arab and ends with that of another Muslim holding a scroll in his hand. The photograph of the Arab cartographer is carried again in much larger form covering almost half of a page.

On the very next page appear pictures of Persian and Arabic handwritings and different varieties of their style called nastaliq and shikaste. While these photographs and pictures may have some significance for a book of cartography and art, they are not at all relevant for a book of history whether of India or any other country in the world. In any event, these totally irrelevant photographs and pictures are not going to give anyone knowledge about medieval India which the writer of a book of history is expected to impart.

To read more Click Here

Modern India’s Modern Myths 

The reason for putting this is that a mainstream newspaper carrying an article of this nature comes as a breath of fresh air. Tavleen Singh demolishes three myths regarding Bharat. Read More

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