Seva Bharati 2nd phase Relief Program for Mahaboobnagar District.

Seva Bharati has completed flood relief works worth about Rs.1.2 crores in its 1st phase flood relief work in Mahabubnagar.  In order to further rehabilitate the victims, the following proposals are being envisaged.

  1. To support the handloom workers who have lost their looms (maggams) and material. This is their only source of livelihood and it is planned to provide partial or full support for purchasing looms (maggams) or other material. This is in addition to the grants provided by the government. It is planned to provide 6000 maggams. Support for each family would cost between Rs.10,000/- to Rs.30,000/- based on the loss to them.
  1. Rehabilitation : Seva Bharati has a proposal to support and provide accommodation and additional facilities such as modern toilets and community septic tanks.
  1. To support required instruments to the carpenters, tailors and other artisan groups in the villages.
  1. To encourage the farmers to form a co-op society and develop micro finance system. Seva Bharati would also encourage them to adopt organic farming.
  1. To provide 1,00,000 school kits to the students who have lost their books and other material in the floods. To also arrange study centers and special coaching to the high school students.
  1. To adopt two villages,
    1. a. Ayyavanipally and
    2. b. Chinna Gummadam

These villages were totally washed away in the recent floods and Seva Bharati would rehabilitate the families by supporting them in all aspects. This is in addition to the grants provided by the government in Grama Vikas Yojana.

Some media reports on Seva Bharati relief activity at

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