Rising Bharat Swadeshi News Feed: October 18th 2020

  • Startup in Bharat by Bhartiya
    • Not sure what to buy? This social commerce startup offers reviews and recommendations from people you trust

Key points:

  1. Founded in September 2019, social commerce platform SpotKwik allows you to take better buying decisions, by offering reviews and recommendations from friends, family, and friendfluencers.
  2. An entrepreneur with a failed venture, Mithun saw promise in solving online shopping hassles and founded SpotKwik along with Anusha Sundar in September 2019.
  3. SpotKwik is an online shopping platform that lets users buy products after reading reviews and recommendations from people they trust – friends and family who have tried and tested the products
  4. But the entrepreneur in him did not enjoy working a 9-5 job. He soon quit the corporate life and worked with startups like property discovery platform HousingMan and product development and digital services firm Appiness Interactive, before starting SpotKwik.
  5. His co-founder, Anusha, a civil engineering graduate from KSR College of Engineering, is the “data person” heading operations at SpotKwik.
  6. Headquartered in San Francisco, social commerce platform SpotKwik weeds out most problems associated with online shopping. Leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) filters to facilitate virtual try-ons, the fitting can be shared with friends and family individually or in groups via an in-built messaging service for instant feedback. 

(Your Story, 18 October 2020) News Link

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