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UP Cabinet approves Law against forced Religions Conversions

The Uttar Pradesh cabinet has approved the ordinance against religious conversions through fraudulent means, especially conversions for the purpose of marriage. But a vicious propaganda has been unleashed that the law is aimed at non-existent ‘love jihad.’ The law has no mention of ‘love jihad’ anywhere, yet there is so much noise in the media and social media platforms to this effect. Media headlines put out so far go like this – ‘Why India’s Most Populous State Just Passed a Law Inspired by an Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theory’?

The facts are as follows.
The bill is titled ‘Uttar Pradesh Vidhi Virudhh Dharm Samparivartan Pratisdhedh Adhyadesh, 2020’ or ‘UP Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Ordinance – 2020’.  It does not use the word ‘love jihad’ at all nor is it directed towards curbing fundamental rights of any citizen to practice religion of their choice. It is not for the first time that a law has been enacted in India having similar provisions.

The ‘The Uttarakhand Freedom of Religion Act, 2018’ also has provisions against conversions by fraud or misrepresentation for purposes of marriage. Section 3 of the said act reads:

No person shall convert or attempt to convert, either directly or otherwise, any other person from one religion to another by use of misrepresentation, force, undue influence, coercion, allurement or by any fraudulent means or by marriage nor shall any person abet or conspire such conversion;

Provided that, if any person comes back to his ancestral religion, shall not be deemed conversion under this Act’.

So why such a brouhaha against the Uttar Pradesh law when a law with similar provisions was enacted in 2008 in Uttarakhand? Is the opposition aimed at the law or aimed at Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath?  In fact, enactment of such a law was recommended by the Uttarakhand high court and the Uttar Pradesh Law Commission. Enactment of this legislation paves way for other states like Kerala, which have been advised by respective High Courts to bring similar laws against forced conversions.

Provisions under the law:

  1. The act aims to provide freedom of religion by the prohibition of conversion from one religion to another by misrepresentation, force, undue influence, coercion, allurement or by any fraudulent means or by marriage & for matters connected therewith.
  2. The punishment for such conversions may range from 1-5 years. It could attract a higher penalty if the person being converted is a minor or belongs to SC/ST.
  3. The one who desires to convert and the one who is doing the conversion process must submit forms in the District Collector / District Magistrate’s office who will then enquire about the real intention, cause and purpose of such conversions.
  4. The converted person must submit a declaration and present himself/herself before the District Collector / District Magistrate, in person, to testify claims made in the declaration.
  5. The burden of proof lies on the person who has caused the conversion.
  6. Any person, reconverting to his immediate previous religion, shall not be deemed as a convert under this law.

Q1. Does it deny freedom to women to profess religion of their choice?

Absolutely not. In fact quite the opposite. It makes it unlawful to forcefully convert women after or during their marriage. It gives them the choice to continue with the religion of their choice.  There have been numerous instances of forceful conversion post-marriage, concealing identity while luring the girl or by other undue influence. Noteworthy is, the bill doesn’t outlaw conversion as a whole. It outlaws conversion against free will in limited cases. So cases like Hadiya, where she was groomed to accept Islam out of free will, still won’t come under the purview of this law.

Q2. Does it act against free will?

No, it doesn’t. In fact, it provides freedom of religion by prohibiting conversion against free will. Conversions for the sole purpose of marriage have been outlawed by courts in the past. This law only codifies such judgements. You can’t convert to a religion just because it allows you to bypass certain civil laws. For example, you can’t convert to Islam because you want to keep multiple wives. Your family can’t convert to Islam overnight because you want to disinherit your daughters from parental properties.

You can convert only out of your own conviction for the tenets of a religion. Free will can’t be an alibi for committing religious bigotry and a fraud upon the law

Q3. Does it violate Article 25A?

A short reading of article 25, which is a fundamental right, before we commence further.

“Subject to public order, morality and health, all persons are equally entitled to practise, profess and propagate their religion”.  Islamists across the board and their handlers in the media are arguing that anti-conversion law prohibits propagation, which is a constitutional guarantee. They seem to be under the impression, “Either your head or your signature will be on the conversion papers” is the propagation of religion. That is where they and their handlers in the media are erring, by overlooking the first part of the article – the condition which sets the term for practising, professing and propagating. “Subject to public order, morality and health”.

‘Propagating’ is a person telling someone about his religion,roots, cultures, traditions and values. This is held by the honourable SC. ‘Convert or face beheading’, as practised by the Islamic invaders, is not propagation. That violates public order and health. Conversion is not a fundamental right under article 25. Laws against conversion do not violate your fundamental rights.

This is not the first time such laws are passed. The Orissa Freedom of Religion Act, 1967 was challenged in court and was duly dismissed. The propagandists know this, hence, instead of challenging the proposed law to be enacted in UP, if they really believe it to be anti- constitutional, they will only make noise in social media platforms.

This law, in no way, restricts interfaith marriages. Numerous courts have given several judgements on religious conversions. Courts have even passed orders asking state governments to frame laws against this growing menace. The proposed law only codifies the principle laid down by our courts.

Presently our country has different civil laws for different religions. Conversion by fraud or coercion will have implications for the concerned individual in matters of marriage, adoptions and inheritance rights.

Secularism can be enshrined in the preamble but in practice, in the absence of a uniform civil code, the state does interfere in civil laws which are religion-specific.

In such circumstances, laws that protect religious rights should be welcome. Such a progressive piece of legislation should be hailed by people from all religions as it protects the most vulnerable section of the society – women. But since the law is being enacted by a state ruled by BJP, malicious propaganda has been unleashed against the same. 

Sahadev K

ISIS Women Believe Non-Muslim Women Are Worse Than Animals – Nadia Murad

nadia-murad-isis-survivor.jpgNadia Murad’s escape from the clutches of ISIS is bound to remain as one of the daring escapes in recent history. But, people who do not belong to Islamic groups make the classic mistake of not educating their people about what powers can do when motivated by Islam alone.

While we know that ISIS men are brutal, what is very telling is the attitude of the Muslim women too in supporting the ISIS men.

Nadia says ” None of the men who raped me revealed their identities, but one name that does stick out is Sarah.

This was the daughter of the first man who made Nadia his “sadir” or slave. The name would flash up on his mobile as he raped her. Nadia says: “I never met her or his wife, but they knew what he was doing to me. They accepted their men were raping us. To IS women, we are not worth the value of animals.”

The Yazidi women were abducted and then had to suffer, while , many Hindu girls succumb to “Love Jihad” and then go through the same horrors. “Love Jihad” is not the same as a marriage out of love, but a deliberate attempt to slight the Hindus and use Hindu girls as a tool for increasing numbers.


Read her Story here

Nadia Murad was eight when Tony Blair took Britain to war with Iraq, destabilising her country so badly that IS were able to rise to power and 13 years later butcher her family and take her captive to rape again and again.

After he was damned by the Chilcot Report, Blair insisted his conscience was clear and he could “look the nation in eye”.

But to get a true measure of the consequences of his actions, Blair should meet Nadia. Her eyes would tell of the bloody legacy of that decision, in the physical and mental scars she carries.

Nadia, a member of the ancient Yazidi community despised by IS, was captured in 2014 and raped so many times, by so many men, she cannot give numbers.

Getty ImagesThousands of Yezidis trapped in the Sinjar mountains as they tried to escape from Islamic State (IS) forces, are rescued by Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Peoples Protection Unit (YPG) in Mosul, Iraq
Thousands of Yezidis trapped in the Sinjar mountains as they tried to escape from Islamic State

She says: “Soon I stopped fighting them. I took myself to another world when they raped me.”

She was one of 5,000 woman kidnapped by IS in 2014 from the Yazidi, a secretive sect who derive many of their beliefs from Islam and Christianity but are wrongly labelled devil worshippers in areas near their homeland in northern Syria, northern Iraq and eastern Turkey.

Six of her brothers were slaughtered before her eyes, with 300 other men from her village. Her mother was also killed.

Nadia and her sisters, female cousins and nieces, were forced to “marry” IS extremists. None of the men who raped her revealed their identities, but one name that does stick out is, she says, “Sarah”.

Philip CoburnIraqi Yazidi woman Nadia Murad who had many members of her family (including her mother and many of her brothers and sisters) murdered by Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq
Nadia Murad wants to tell her story

This was the daughter of the first man who made Nadia his “sadir” or slave. The name would flash up on his mobile as he raped her. Nadia says: “I never met her or his wife, but they knew what he was doing to me. They accepted their men were raping us. To IS women, we are not worth the value of animals.”

Nadia escaped after three months, knowing she would be executed if caught. She says: “I preferred to be killed and just finally stop it.”

She made it out alive and has now found asylum in Germany.

REUTERSCivilian children stand next to a burnt vehicle during clashes between Iraqi security forces and al Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Mosul
Civilian children stand next to a burnt vehicle during clashes between Iraqi security forces and al Qaeda-linked Islamic State

As we speak, she perches on her hotel bed, motionless, as she says IS extremists did to her “what a mind could not imagine”.

Nadia grew up with eight brothers and two sisters in the village of Kocho. In the summer of 2014, IS began taking nearby villages. “We knew they wanted to exterminate us,” Nadia says.

More than 50,000 Yazidis escaped to Mount Sinjar, leading to US air strikes, but Nadia and her family were trapped.

REUTERSNadia Murad Basee, a 21-year-old Iraqi woman of the Yazidi faith, speaks to members of the Security Council during a meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York,
Nadia Murad Basee speaks to members of the Security Council during a meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York,

The terrorists entered her village on August 3. IS told the Yazidis: “Convert to Islam or die.” Everyone was herded to the village school. “But no one agreed to convert,” says Nadia, firmly. IS took the men, including Nadia’s brothers, and the women watched through the windows as they were shot.

Nadia, whose father had already died, says: “They were using Kalashnikovs, hitting the men in the face, making them lie face down. We were screaming. The guards started beating us.”

Six of her brothers died that day. Two managed to survive. The petrified women were then split into groups – the elderly, the married, and the unmarried.

Nadia and her mother had no time to even hug as they were separated as it “all happened so suddenly”.

REUTERSA fighter of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) holds an ISIL flag and a weapon on a street in the city of Mosul
A fighter of the Islamic State

Her mother was later killed, but Nadia was taken to Mosul with 150 girls, including three young nieces, aged 15 and 17.

During the bus journey they were physically and sexually assaulted. “They laughed at us. They said, ‘You are owned by IS. You will be married to us’.”

In Mosul, Nadia, and 30 others, were taken to a small room so IS thugs could scrutinise them.

Nadia says: “Girls began vomiting and falling unconscious. My nieces were clinging to me.” Then an obese man approached Nadia.

She says: “I screamed, ‘I can’t go with you, you’re too big for me’. A smaller man was walking past and I begged him to take me.” He did, but the fat man took one of Nadia’s nieces. “If I had known…” she trails off.

Nadia was kept locked in a room to be raped by her captor and other men.

She says: “He had many guards, they came a lot. Day or night. The first time I fought, but he was strong. I couldn’t fight. They were violent, they beat me.”

In her three months of hell, Nadia was “married” to two other men. Planning her escape was what kept her going, but one attempt ended with her being caught and gang-raped by six militants.

But she was determined to flee, in part because she stopped fearing death. “I was telling the men to kill me.”

In November 2014, her captor left a door open and she ran for it. She found help and got to a refugee camp, before ending up in Stuttgart, Germany.

Her two sisters have survived and one has joined her in Germany. The third, along with her two surviving brothers, are in refugee camps in Iraq. But she says: “My 13-year-old nephew is being trained by IS to fight for them.” One niece escaped, only to die in an air strike. It has made Nadia more determined to keep telling her story until every Yazidi is free, a bravery which has earned her a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

She is begging the British government to take more refugees. Nadia says: “What IS has done to the Yazidi people is genocide, the UK must offer more asylum to refugees. So many are in camps and they have been through terrible suffering.”

Her friend and translator Ahmed Burjus tells me later: “When she is travelling, Nadia is OK, but when she is at home she cries and cries. She loses her voice from crying. Being inside reminds her of her captivity.”

Hindu woman forced to eat beef, adopt Islam by in-laws in Patna

One of those rare occasions, where the Hindu woman dares to come out and expose her anguish. Otherwise thousands of girls suffer in silence. Many others who come out of the relationship keep the news under wraps for fear of being exterminated. #LoveJihad


Patna: The Patna Police on Monday took two people into its detention on a woman’s complaint that alleged that she was forced to consume cow meat and adopt Islam.

The incident is said to have taken place in Phulwari area in Patna on June 13.

The woman, who is a Hindu, alleged that her husband, who is a Muslim, and his family forcefully made her consume beef and adopt Islam. She further alleged that after she refused to listen to their demands, her husband and in-laws threatened to blackmail her by circulating her porn videos.

She also claimed that her husband’s family forced her to live in a Madrasa for a month to learn Islam and eat beef. The woman hails from Kolkata and was married to Asif of Phulwari in Patna.

She accused her husband Asif and his family members of constantly torturing her.

A case has been lodged at the Gandhi Maidan Police Station in this connection.


Are the Hindu Daughters of Bengal Safe – Tuktuki Mondal Case


The abduction and rape of a teen from rural West Bengal is the latest addition to a long list of Hindu girls victimised by Muslim goons in the State as part of their Love Jihad campaign. This has been going on for a few decades in the state.   Tuktuki was forcibly abducted for a period over 75 days by Babusona Gazi, a local TMC hooligan as known.   The second time she was converted to Islam by the Maulana who renamed her Nasrah.  After a heroic effort by Hindu Samhati lead by Sri Tapan Ghosh, an army of active social media  activists who put pressure on the government to act, BJP activists and other Hindu organisations, the girl was finally rescued.  The Calcutta high court has finally indicted the West Bengal government for failing to arrest a single accused. The NCW report has also completely exposed the government.

Tuktuki Mandal was a student of Class 10 at the local village school in Magrahat police station area of South 24 Parganas district, West Bengal. On February 25 this year she was abducted while returning home from the nearby bank where she had gone to check the balance in her account. According to her father, Subhash Mandal, a daily wage-earner, she was abducted by three goons who are members of a gang headed by a hoodlum called Salim. He is believed to enjoy the patronage of the ruling Trinamool Congress. Before Mamata Banerjee came to power, Salim was a CPI(M) thug. Like most thugs in West Bengal, he switched political loyalties in the summer of 2011.

The distraught father sought the Panchayat Pradhan’s help. In turn, he was asked to file a police complaint, which he did at Magrahat police station. Nothing happened. Subhash Mandal says Salim’s men called him for a meeting on the night of March 7 at the house of a man called Babusona Gazi. Subhash Mandal claims when he reached Gazi’s house, he found at least 50 men there, armed with guns. According to him, he was asked to “sign some blank papers and told to withdraw the police complaint”.

Subhash Mandal objected to the conditions imposed by his daughter’s tormentors. They told him he would get to see his daughter again only if he “withdrew the complaint and would not get the girl medically examined”. He says the goons promised to help him financially with his daughter’s marriage. He says he felt helpless and scared, so he “agreed to their proposal and signed the papers”. Tuktuki was handed over to her father. Later his wife told him that Tuktuki had been “repeatedly raped”.

Source material for above from

  1. Hindu Existence
  2. SatyaVijayi.com
  3. Tweets from Sri tapanghosh
  4. Ethinc Cleansing of Panchgram

The Tuktuki Mondal case once again proves that the Muslim leadership  overtures to Scheduled castes ( so-called Dalits) stating that they are sympathetic to their issues is a mere eyewash. From pre-partition times, it is the SC’s who have borne the brunt of many Muslim attacks on them. Sri Jogendranath Mondal had documented similar attacks then. This article on the issue also reveals the strategy to confuse the Hindu society. Read More

Love Jehad cases on rise in Tamilnadu

 Source : Daily Pioneer

Love Jehad, the controversial love marriages between Hindu girls and Muslim boys, has become a major socio-political issue not only in Uttar Pradesh but also in Tamil Nadu. Mahesh, 40-year-old district president of Hindu Front in Vellore says the last two years have seen more than 50 such marriages in Vellore district alone.

Girls from poor Hindu families are wooed by Muslim youth promising opulent and luxurious married life. “The boys offer gifts which include mobile phones, jewellery, perfumes and a host of other things. Mobile phones are their main weapon. They win over the confidence of the girls through phone conversations lasting hours without the knowledge of the parents of the girls,” said Mahesh, who took The Pioneer to parents whose daughters had eloped with Muslim youths.

Vellaiyappan, leader of the Hindu Front was murdered in 2013 for campaigning against Love Jehad. He had tried to create an awareness among Hindu girls, the potential victims, about the dangers and intentions of the Muslim youths involved in Love Jehad.

“My sister and my family owe it to Vellaiyappan for saving us in time,” said Venkatesh, a cab driver in Vellore. His sister Gayathri (name changed) was working in a tannery to supplement the family income when she was approached by a good looking youth. “He always expressed sympathies with me for working at a young age and told me that I deserve much better life. He told me that if I marry him, he would take care of me as well as my family. I was told that his brothers were in West Asian countries and it would not be a problem for him to get a good job for my brothers. His only condition was that I should get converted to Islam which I agreed though I knew that my parents and brothers would never approve it,” said Gayathri.

When his efforts to persuade Gayathri could not succeed, Vellaiyappan and Venkatesh went in search of the family of the youth. “To our shock we found that there was no such  family and there were no brothers working in Gulf countries. We found that the youth had a criminal past and had married two Hindu girls in the past from Vellore district itself. The parents of the girls did not file police complaint fearing societal remarks,” said Venkatesh.

But Fiyaz Ahmed, the soft spoken district president of the Popular Front of India denied the charges. “This is a mere allegation by the Sangh Parivar. There are young girls working in leather factories and tanneries in Vellore. It is natural for grown-up girls to fall in love with their colleagues. We do not have anything to do with these marriages,” said Ahmed.

What is of great interest is that the change of religion in all these cases is certified by a particular notary and this has given rise to doubts about a wider conspiracy. But police officials expressed their helplessness. “Any girl above the age of 18 are free to go with person of their choice. If you can prove that the girl was abducted or married off against her wishes, we can help you,” said a senior police official.

Intelligence officials said that both the State and Central Governments have been informed about the unprecedented increase in the number of girls eloping with Muslim youth.

Love Jehad on Rise In Tamilnadu