Muslim attacks on Hindus in Old City, Hyderabad


I am sure all of you must be concerned about the attacks by Muslims in Old City. It is amazing how the media has blacked out the actual news. Whatever little is coming out is being projected as if Hindus removed the flags that were tied for Milad un nabi & therefore the problem started.


Logically, as per the rules of GHMC, any buntings that are tied , must be removed within 3-7 days of the event. However, the officials lack the courage to remove them in areas where the Muslims are in good numbers.

As pre-preparation for the Hanuman Jayanti program tomorrow, i.e, 30th March 10, Hindus were tying buntings and also erected a Photo of Sri Rama near a Hanuman temple ( Peepal Hanuman mandir ) at Moosabowli( this is on High Court – City College route). The Muslims of the area opposed this and attacked the Hindus there. Hindus are in a minority in this area.

This was immediately followed by attacks in other parts of Old city. Needless to say, this was pre-planned.

Goshala burnt :
They also burnt a goshala killing 4 cows at Shamshergunj, Aliabad. Two temples in the goshala were also burnt.

The Hindus have retaliated wherever they could since the law which the counsellors & the police are in cahoots.

Today’s news is that a 10th class student has been attacked while he was going for the exam.

Update to be continued…


30th March:

Curfew continues for the 2nd day. Meanwhile attacks have happened in Musheerabad & Kavadiguda. Few English newspapers report that few people from a rally taken out by Bajarang Dal threw stones on establishments. It is in fact the other way round. The Hindus are provoked to retaliate and then targetted as being aggressive.

One more interesting point, a few days back ( on 26th march ) a dargah which is bang on the main road near parade ground collapsed due its structural faults. This was immediately attended to and a leaders from TDP & Congress reached there immediately to show their solidarity and informed that they would build the dargah at the same spot.  A security cordon was formed around it.

This same dargah was alleged by a TV channel yday to have been destroyed by the Bajrang Dal activists on 30th ! This exposes the media once again.

Charminar MLA, Pasha openly lead a gang of rioters to attack the hindu establishments near Charminar but was not reported.

Important questions :

Why do riots occur only where Muslims are more than 15%. why are there no attacks on Muslims by Hindus where Muslims are less than 5%.  Is it something to do with the group Muslim mindset ? If the logic is that hindus are aggressors, then the areas where Muslims are in less than 5% should be natural targets. it proves that there is something basically wrong with the fundamentalist Islamic mindset which cannot live in any country where they are not in a majority and the battle continues till they gain complete dominance.

Readers would remember that MIM MLA, Afsar Khan fired pistol shots in a medical college two years back. This was followed by an open demonstration of callousness by firing pistol shots on the main road. The ruling Congress ignored this and Afsar was let off.

In the recently held GHMC elections in 2009, , MIM ( Majlis e Ittehadul Muslimeen)  won  43 counsellors. It also has  7 MLA’s, 1 MP & a Dy.Mayor. The city has been laid under siege by Owaisi & the MIM.

Video of goshala being set on fire.


32 thoughts on “Muslim attacks on Hindus in Old City, Hyderabad

  1. zaheer

    the publisher is a well wisher to hindu society. First thing i oppose the riots whether it be by hindu or muslim, but muslims are provoked by others to turn wild.

  2. JesusChrist

    Thank you, for your excellent article. Muslim apologists are tiring. They take a few cases of others doing anything to Muslims and blow it out of proportion. Also note how muslims always say the fact we Hindus survived their terror, somehow proves how muslims behaved in past.I wonder where muslim majority areas fit. Again you must negate every anti-Hindu tirade found in Islamic writings to believe this nonsense. Please continue to spread the truth about these savage pedophile worshipers.

  3. noor

    This website presents a very biased and untruthful in potraying unacceptable version of riots in hyderabad. The goons of RSS/VHP and Bhajraji’s are the real culprits for all problems in cities, where muslims are in sizeable number. These organizations feel suffocation to see muslims and their cultural identity. History is still standing truth that Islam was peaceful in dealing with religions like hinduism, had it not been then how come India would have remained a Hindu majority nation, inspite of 1000 year muslim ruling? why do educated hindus turn blind eye to this fact?? over the years all the above mentioned ill organizations have brain washed normal hindus and mislead them that Islam was intolerant to their identity, culture and civilization, where as reality is Islam was kind in accepting hindus main land and helped them to coexist and evolve to the highest level of humanity. Please stop spreading hatread messges and be righteous. God is the one, only one and to him we all belong.

    1. arisebharat Post author

      Ah ! The lies that that negationists like you spread. Hindus survived as a majority because of the valour and sacrifice of lakhs of Hindu warriors and common people. The invaders did all they could to convert and did forcibly convert parts of country. Some of these parts got divided from the Akhand Bharat; Read Tragic story of partition in this same blog.

      We also suggest readers read “Heroic Hindu resistance to Muslim invaders” and “Hindu Temples what Happened to them” by Voice of India. Most of the Muslims who are in Bharat have Hindu ancestors.

      Click to access 6493883-Heroic-Hindu-Resistance-to-Muslim-Invaders.pdf

      Click to access 10120488-Hindu-TemplesWhat-Happend-to-Them-by-Sita-Ram-Goel.pdf

    2. skandaveera

      1. It is a big lie that Muslims ruled Bharata the great nation for thousand years. Never did Muslims have control over majority of regions. The brief control of Turko-Mongol barbarians for 150 yrs in North India was also resisted by several Hindu empires – Ahoms, Vijayanagara, Kakatiya, Maratha, Sikh-Rajput etc.

      2. It is a big lie that there was any benevolence in Muslim invaders – they were barbarians, mass murderers, vandals, uncivilized and immoral.

      3. Hindu defense against such barbarism is a response, and arose in wake of destruction of Hindu kshatriya clans. So RSS etc are warriors of Hindu defense, not rowdies or mass murderers.

      4. Reality of India is the ongoing Islamic genocide of Hindus in Pak, BD, Bengal, Kashmir, Kerala and wherever the barbarians are able to get to some local majority.

      While per taqiya you remain dishonest, lying and treacherous with Hindus, it is not that your reality is not known. It is just that you are being parasitic in overdepending on Hindu principle of tolerance – and keep seeing the consequences when Hindus run out of their patience.

      So if you want to leave such barbaric and immoral thinking and want to give it an honest thought, think how you can undo the damage you are doing to the entire human civilization.

  4. Skanda

    One more irrelevant apologetic diversionary tactic. Just answer the bare facts of centuries of Islamic rowdyism and crime, and either own it like other Islamic terrorists or honestly disown it and condemn it. That is all.

    The world has seen too much of this dishonesty and diversion to trust the Muslims. I repeat my previous post:

    “Why is this Milano talking of individual cases and not the history of riots in Hyderabad and their statistics? Why not the history of Muslim rowdyism and riots in Gujarat? Why not Kashmir? Why not Kerala? Why not Bengal? Why not the fundamental fact that Islam is the primary reason for breaking this country into pieces?

    Which Milano will ever be trusted by Hindus or by mankind, when he neither accepts facts nor tries to bring a change in their attitude?

    Muslims support construction of Hindu temple in UP? So are Muslims ready to give back to Hindus the thousands of temples they have vandalized? Ayodhya, Mathura, Kasi, Kashmir? Do the Muslims have the intention to change their exclusivist and separatist attitude?

    If Muslims do intend to co-exist and live peacefully, if their fundamental principle is not to attack and subvert others, show public apologies from Muslim bodies, for their wrong-doings. Show that the attitude of Muslims has changed and they are not being separatist.

    Mr Milano, the onus lies on the Muslims ALONE.

    Yes, there were several riots that are “politically” motivated. And in all those riots, Cong was with Muslims. Right from Godhra. So first, let Muslims correct their attitude. Let them live like civilized humans instead of living like terrorists and rowdies. Then expect better respect and treatment.”

  5. Skanda

    What fact finding? And who should publish it? Why is this Milano talking of individual cases and not the history of riots in Hyderabad and their statistics? Why not the history of Muslim rowdyism and riots in Gujarat? Why not Kashmir? Why not Kerala? Why not Bengal? Why not the fundamental fact that Islam is the primary reason for breaking this country into pieces?

    Which Milano will ever be trusted by Hindus or by mankind, when he neither accepts facts nor tries to bring a change in their attitude?

    Muslims support construction of Hindu temple in UP? So are Muslims ready to give back to Hindus the thousands of temples they have vandalized? Ayodhya, Mathura, Kasi, Kashmir? Do the Muslims have the intention to change their exclusivist and separatist attitude?

    If Muslims do intend to co-exist and live peacefully, if their fundamental principle is not to attack and subvert others, show public apologies from Muslim bodies, for their wrong-doings. Show that the attitude of Muslims has changed and they are not being separatist.

    Mr Milano, the onus lies on the Muslims ALONE.

    Yes, there were several riots that are “politically” motivated. And in all those riots, Cong was with Muslims. Right from Godhra. So first, let Muslims correct their attitude. Let them live like civilized humans instead of living like terrorists and rowdies. Then expect better respect and treatment.

    1. Milano

      Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group, From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database
      According to this data, there were more Jewish acts of terrorism within the United States than Islamic (7% vs 6%). These radical Jews committed acts of terrorism in the name of their religion. These were not terrorists who happened to be Jews; rather, they were extremist Jews who committed acts of terrorism based on their religious passions, just like Al-Qaeda and company.
      Yet notice the disparity in media coverage between the two. It would indeed be very interesting to construct a corresponding pie chart that depicted the level of media coverage of each group. The reason that Muslim apologists and their “leftist dhimmi allies” cannot recall another non-Islamic act of terrorism other than Waco is due to the fact that the media gives menial (if any) coverage to such events. If a terrorist attack does not fit the “Islam is the perennial and existential threat of our times” narrative, it is simply not paid much attention to, which in a circuitous manner reinforces and “proves” the preconceived narrative. It is to such an extent that the average American cannot remember any Jewish or Latino terrorist; why should he when he has never even heard of the Jewish Defense League or the Ejercito Popular Boricua Macheteros? Surely what he does not know does not exist!
      The Islamophobes claim that Islam is intrinsically a terrorist religion. The proof? Well, just about every terrorist attack is Islamic, they retort. Unfortunately for them, that’s not quite true. More like six percent. Using their defunct logic, these right wingers ought now to conclude that nearly all acts of terrorism are committed by Latinos (or Jews). Let them dare say it…they couldn’t; it would be political and social suicide to say such a thing. Most Americans would shut down such talk as bigoted; yet, similar statements continue to be said of Islam, without any repercussions.
      The Islamophobes live in a fantasy world where everyone is supposedly too “politically correct” to criticize Islam and Muslims. Yet, the reality is the exact opposite: you can get away with saying anything against the crescent. Can you imagine the reaction if I said that Latinos should be profiled because after all they are the ones who commit the most terrorism in the country? (For the record: I don’t believe in such profiling, because I am–unlike the right wing nutters–a believer in American ideals.)
      The moral of the story is that Americans ought to calm down when it comes to Islamic terrorism. Right wingers always live in mortal fear–or rather, they try to make you feel that way. In fact, Pamela Geller (the queen of internet Islamophobia) literally said her mission was to “scare the bejeezus outta ya.” Don’t be fooled, and don’t be a wuss. You don’t live in constant fear of radicalized Latinos (unless you’re Lou Dobbs), even though they commit seven times more acts of terrorism than Muslims in America. Why then are you wetting yourself over Islamic radicals? In the words of Cenk Uygur: you’re at a ten when you need to be at a four. Nobody is saying that Islamic terrorism is not a matter of concern, but it’s grossly exaggerated.
      Related Posts:
      Europol report: All terrorists are Muslims…Except the 99.6% that aren’t
      RAND report: Threat of homegrown jihadism exaggerated, Zero U.S. civilians killed since 9/11
      A reader by the name of Dima added:
      The FBI Terrorism Report shows… [That] the highest number of terrorist incidents in the U.S. by region (90) took place in Puerto Rico.
      Second Update:
      An Islamophobe commented on this article, saying that the statistics are flawed because the FBI included small acts such as “stealing rats from a lab” as an act of terrorism. Of course, this is patently false. Here is a breakdown of the terrorist attacks by type (the pie chart is from the FBI’s official website and can be accessed here):

      Terrorism by Event, From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database
      This is the FBI report. i am not adding or substracting anything from it. If you like u can visit the site & find out by ur self. thanks

  6. Milano

    How many days are required to publish the fact-finding report on communal violence in Hyderabad. i am sure you will not publish it since it will expose your lies which you are spreading to the innocent indians. thanks

    1. arisebharat Post author

      Dear Milano
      U r mail was treated as spam by the system and once it was identified by the blog team, it was to be read in complete before approval. I apologise for the delay.

      The report that you have submitted is biased and based on fiction not that anything better can be expected from the team of communists that you have set up. As usual, people like you put the victim and aggressors on the same page.

      The history of riots in Hyderabad including this one is testimony to the fact that it is the Muslims lead by MIM & their previous avatar the Razakars who have killed hundreds of innocent Hindus & temples…this time also targetting gaushala.

      It is true that in any riot, innocent people both Hindus & Muslims get affected but the blame of this fairly and squarely falls on the shoulders on the MIM lead goondas. The sooner we face this reality and arrest these aggressors, the better for hyderabad.

      1. Milano

        Muslims help in construction of a Hindu temple in UP.
        Baghpat : In an exemplary show of communal harmony, Muslims of Niwara village are extending financial support in construction of a Hindu temple here.

        The Muslims of the village have collected about Rs 70,000 to help in construction of the lord Shiva temple for Hindus, who are financially not so strong.

        According to the village Pradhan Haji Rafaqat Ali, who is also advisor of the temple, the construction was initially opposed by some villagers but they soon joined others in supporting the cause.

        The temple that is nearing its completion is awaiting installation of an idol of Lord Shiva which will be bought either from Rajasthan or Haridwar.

        Meanwhile, the members of the temple committee have appreciated this noble gesture of their fellow Muslim villagers.

        I will be very happy if the people of your caliber publish such articles instead of hatred. I know at many places Hindus had also built Masjids. But such news will not appear in the main media. Atleast you people try to highlight such attepts by both the communities so that the peace will prevail, instead of hatread.

      2. arisebharat Post author

        This is not hatred milano…it is an objective presentation of facts…which the entire media & politicians have covered up so brilliantly. The hapless Hindus of the old city of Hyderabad have no political support or media voice..To top it, there are organisations that want to continuously present the aggressors and victims on the same page. There are have been many occasions of hindus & muslims living amicably together..There have also been occasions where Muslims of Kashmir have helped in rebuilding a one of temple in Kashmir…but does that wash away the blood on their hands that is responsible for evacuating over 5 lac Hindus from the valley ? The point is not of the “One here & one there” incident of muslims “helping” hte Hindus.. The point is of the majority of occasions when the Muslims infringe into the rights & space of the peace loving Hindus.

        The challenge before India is in the areas where the Muslims are in bigger majority and lead by fanactical Muslim politicians who swear by Darul Islam. It is the responsibility of the moderate Muslim to raise his voice against the atrocities commited by the people of his community.. it would have been better if people like you looked into this aspect of the problem rather than gloating over the problem.

  7. Milano

    A fact-finding report on communal violence in Hyderabad.
    Hyderabad: A group of some social and human rights organizations visited the violence-hit areas in Hyderabad to find out the truth. The team met both Hindus and Muslims and visited affected religious places. The residents told the team the violence was politically motivated and pre-planned. The team has demanded a judicial probe into the communal violence by a sitting Judge of High Court.
    Fact-finding team
    The Fact- Finding Committee consisting of members from five organizations namely Lateef Mohd Khan, Kaneez Fathima, A.Srinivas, M.Mandakini, S.Q.Masood, from Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, Jayraj from Kula Nirmoolana Porata Samiti, M.Raju from Patriotic Democratic Movement, M. Agamani from Chaitanya Samaikhya and D.V. Ramakrishna Rao from Viplava Rachayitula Sangam visited the violence-hit areas of Hyderabad including: Madannapet, Kurmaguda, Hussaini Alam, Moosa Bowli, Tadbun, Shamsheergunj, Chatrinaka, Lal Darwaza, Shah Ali Banda, Musheerabad, and Bholakpur.
    The team met different sections of people who were affected by the violence and subsequent curfew. The team also visited Masjids, Mandirs, Gowshala, Dargah, houses, shops and people who got attacked during the violence. According to our observation, thirty six Masjids, and few Dargahs, were attacked and damaged severely, three Mandirs and one Gowshala was also attacked, property including houses, shops, vehicles, hotels, pan shops, fruit and vegetable shops etc were either burnt, damaged and looted in Hyderabad city. In this violence hundreds of people got injured by stone pelting, and lathis and three persons died due to stabbing. Hundreds of youths were illegally detained and arrested.
    First phase of violence
    Violence in the Hyderabad city started in the Madannapet area on the evening of 23rd March 2010. We observed that this area is a locality of mixed communities. As per the version of local people, on the occasion of Eid Milad un Nabi, one community people tied small flags on two sides of the roads, lanes and by-lanes. These flags were not removed after the festival and continued till one month. In the competition of this, another community also wanted to tie the flags on the occasion of Sriramanavami. The real problem started when the green flags were removed to tie saffron flags. Meanwhile the elder persons of Muslim community asked to give some time to remove the flags, but the local Corporator of BJP, Sahadev Yadav provoked the youth to tie the saffron flags by removing green flags. He managed to gather hundreds of youths from different places of city. Some of them were even drunk. The same day at 10.45pm, a large mob gathered and started stone pelting without considering whether they are Hindus or Muslims. Houses of both the communities were damaged due to stone pelting. Shops were looted. This mob even attacked burqa clad Muslim women. Due to this, violence spread in the nearby areas spontaneously.
    According to the version of the local people, Hindus and Muslims are living peacefully in this locality since many years. But some outsiders created the violence and flags became the primary reason for it. They also said that this whole thing was pre-planned and the mob came with the stones and lathis to create ruckus. They also said during the whole violence in this area, police presence was negligible. This area is always sensitive because of the presence of Hindu Vahini, VHP, Bajrang Dal and other RSS shakhas. From the past two years this area has continuously witnessed violence. Police personnel have not taken preventive measures and municipal authorities did not pay attention. According to them, police is targeting the Muslim youth and a number of youth have been picked up, illegally detained and few of them have been shown arrested. Police has registered number of cases on Muslim youth, and these youth are not in a position to come out on bail.
    Second phase of violence
    Even after such problems and violence in Madannapet area, due to the flags and religious functions, government and police did not take any precautionary measures before it started again in other areas after four days on the same issue. The native of Moosa Bowli, who is the owner of Kirana store which is 60 years old, and a woman who runs a private school said on the night of 27th March, at 10pm green flags were removed to place saffron flags in front of Hanuman Mandir and therefore violence started, which was instigated by a TDP corporator of Mangalhat area, Raju Singh. He brought some 200 people who came in RTC buses and spread in all the nearby localities, they were carrying mobiles, stones, lathis, and talwars with them. They were continuously talking on their mobiles while spreading themselves. They systematically attacked houses, shops, Masjids, schools in those parts of areas. This committee contacted the local residents who belong to both Hindus and Muslims and came to know from them that the trouble was started by the mob that had come from outside the areas. They also said that they are living in those localities for the past few generations. They never witnessed such type of incident in their lives. They even said it is the negligence of police, it became the silent spectator of the violence and when local people approached and demanded to act, the police washed off their hands by saying we do not have power to control.
    The fact finding committee visited the 200-year-old Masjid-e-Mahboob Shahi which was attacked on the 27th midnight 12 O clock by the mob. According to a research scholar of Jamia Nizamia who resides in a room of the masjid said, when the green flags were removed to place saffron flags, some Muslims objected to it because they still had to celebrate another festival and then the arguments took place between the two groups. Suddenly a mob started stone pelting on Mandirs and Masjids. That scholar said this is nothing but because of some anti social elements the situation became worse. Hindus and Muslims live in a friendly manner, he further said that there is a tailor’s shop by a Hindu in front of Masjid, every day we great each other. Whatever happened was preplanned to disturb the peace. As an Islamic research scholar he said that, any such thing which creates nuisance should be avoided. If at all such type of people exist in our society, we should stop them. Because, the ultimate loss would be ours. He further said Eid Milad un Nabi is a message of peace and harmony, the placing of flags is not the culture of Islam. Show put up and wastage of things is prohibited under Islam. Eid Milad un Nabi should be used for the purpose of educating people but not for show put up. The present generation has to be taught about the Islamic education, the unnecessary placing of flags with Islamic symbols and slogans is an act of disrespect. If at all flags were tied, they should have been removed immediately after the occasion which is the responsibility of the people who placed them. Politicians should not be allowed to use religion for political benefits. There is political hand behind whatever happened in Hyderabad and a factor of competition between green and saffron flags.
    This committee visited Begum Bazaar area where Masjids were severely damaged on 27th March 2010. Masjid e Mohammedia, Gandhi Galli, Begum Bazaar is the most badly damaged Masjid. Four tombs were demolished, roof top, walls, main gate, doors, windows were all broken; flooring, Qur’an, religious scriptures, praying carpets were all burnt. As per official record the property worth Rs 2.50 lakh was damaged. As per the care taker of this Masjid, this area was once populated by the Pathans and Arabs but at present this is dominated by the Marwari. Already some portion of this Masjid is encroached by a Marwari. There is a big water tank in Masjid and when the Holi festival comes that tank is occupied by that community and filled with the colours, so on that day the caretaker and others have to leave the Masjid premises and go away to avoid any untoward incident. He also said that Muslims always adjust themselves by withdrawing processions and other programmes. But the extremists of other community are not cooperating and instead becoming aggressive. Due to the attack and fear the Muslim population is forced to migrate to the old city area. The areas of the Masjid are shrinking and the areas of Mandir are expanding. Another Masjid e kolsawadi in Begum Bazaar was burnt completely and cow dung was dumped in the premises. The official loss is estimated of three lakhs in this Masjid. As per the information, ten Masjids of Begum Bazar were severely damaged and burnt. The land value of this area is very costly in business point of view and is mostly dominated by business community who are Marwari’s. This committee has observed that these Masjids are becoming hurdles for them in those areas.
    Third phase of violence
    Even after all the violence, property loss etc and when the situation was out of control and when in all the areas section 144 was imposed, police gave the permission to take out the rally on 30th March, on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti to the Hindutva group in which Hindu Vahini, Bajrang Dal and VHP actively participated. Even the BJP leaders lead and encouraged to take out the procession. This is the first time in Hyderabad where Hanuman Jayanti procession took place. According to the information received from the people, rallies from different parts of the city were taken out and all of them gathered at Afzal Gunj, from there they moved towards Musheerabad. Police and Intelligence already had information that the rally was to come out from different areas and gather at one place. From Afzal Gunj they moved towards Musheerabad on two wheelers in thousands in number. According to the people they were armed with the stones, lathis and talwars. Many small groups moved in different parts of the city in both Hindu and Muslim localities, they had saffron flags in their hands with the slogans of ‘Jai hanuman’, ‘Hari lungi, Munh mein paan, Bhago saalo Pakistan’, and many other bad words towards Muslims and their women. On that particular day the whole city was under their control and police was the mute spectator, and handed over the city to the Hindutva forces.
    This committee also visited the Tadbun area. A Shiv Hanuman Mandir was targeted in that area where stone pelting happened due to which the gate and door was damaged. According to the caretaker some unknown people came on bikes and started pelting stones on the Mandir and ran away. From there the committee visited the Shiv Mandir Gowshala, according to the Manager of the Gowshala, on 30th March evening at 5.30 to 6pm, an unknown mob came suddenly and started stone pelting, burnt the jute bags and bikes. In the fire three cows and a calf were burnt. According to the Manager, this Temple and Gowshala was started in the year 1996. It is located in the thickly populated Muslim area but never had any problem, local people are always cooperative. But that day the people who came were unknown people. He also said, during the attack some local Muslim people came to protect the temple and Gowshala. The attack was not planned and it happened suddenly with the intention to create fear among people, but not to take anyone’s life. He also said that whatever disturbance happened in the city was just the result of competition of tying flags in various parts of the city. He informed us that the Home Minister visited the Gowshala immediately after the incident and provided all kinds of facilities such as curfew passes, bringing feeding material of cows from other areas etc. He expressed his full confidence on local people. But police registered the cases against one hundred and twenty Muslim youth and arrested many of them.
    From there this Committee moved to Masjid e Bhatti Aahak, namely Syed Shah Karimullah Shah Quadri. This Masjid came under attack on the evening of 30th March. The front door was burnt badly, the caretaker who stays beside the Masjid was threatened with bad words and was asked to come out, and then that person had to escape by jumping the backside wall along with her 5 year old nephew. She was given shelter by a neighbor who was a Hindu lawyer. He assured her full protection and when the mob dispersed she was safely dropped at her house.
    The fact finding committee also visited the Musheerabad area where the mob terrorized the local people under the presence of police personnel in front of Musheerabad police station. According to a shop owner, opposite to Musheerabad Police station, at about 12.30pm, local police personnel instructed him to close his shop saying that a rally is to pass from this road. Some other local people also informed us that the police personnel told them that the people who are in the rally are carrying stones, lathis and talwars along with them. According to the locals the mobs was in a number of more than ten thousand and were coming from RTC X road towards Musheerabad. This committee got the information that this mob gathered at BJP leader Laxman’s house, had a meeting with him, he provoked them to move on further. When the mob was moving from this area on their bikes, giving slogans of Jai Bharat Maata, saying bad words to the Muslim men and women and giving slogan of ‘Hari lungi munh mein paan, bhaago s**lo Pakistan.’
    The mob while moving from that area, attacked Masjids, shops, hotels, pan shops which are located on the main road, in which huge loss occurred, bikes parked near the shops and on other side of the road were burnt. Then they succeeded to enter into the locality which is known as Bholakpur, by pelting the stones along with anti Muslim slogans. They attacked number of Muslim houses and people in which many people were injured. The team visited the Bholakpur area and spoke to the victims. The local residents informed that this Hindutva mob attacked them, they were speaking Hindi, and they looked like outsiders. The residents said that, when this mob was attacking, Muslims came out of their residences that time police started lathi charge and used tear gas on the Muslims, till then they were playing the role of mute spectators and after this they protected the Hindutva people and provided them the safe passage to escape from that area. From there the violent Hindutva mob dispersed into different directions and created violence in different localities of Hyderabad. On this day the situation in Hyderabad was so tense and fearful that in the past, Hyderabad city never witnessed such kind of violence in its history. Police registered a large number of cases against Muslim youth and arrested many youth from this locality. The only crime of these youths was to defend and protect themselves and their families.
    In this whole violence three people lost their lives, two died in stabbing and one was killed by throwing a huge stone on him. The team visited the deceased person, Narsimha’s family. Narsimha was the resident of Chatrinaka. According to the Narsimha’s statement recorded by the police, “I am residing along with my family members on the above said address and working as Mali at Imli Bun Park. Today i.e. on 28-3-2010 at about 9.00 P.M I am returning to my home on TVS champ after attending the function. When I am passing from New Road Shalibanda at about 9.20 P.M some persons stopped me at Near Gowtam School, suddenly the miscreants attack on me. One of the unknown miscreants stabbed me on my chest due to which I received stabbing injury. Police person came and shifted me to OGH, where I admitted as in patient vide MLC No. 10080, IP No. 9680. They burnt my TVS Champ”.
    Narsimha is survived with a wife, two sons and two daughters. He was the sole breadwinner of the family. According to his family members, they never had any enmity with anyone. Muslims and Hindus always lived peacefully. One of his sons said that his father worked as a Mali and swept dargahs as well. He also said that the main cause of this violence were the flags, which were placed in competition with each other. They blame civic authorities for the irresponsibility in carrying out their duties. He also said that till date no one has visited their residence including local MLA, Home Minister, Collector or even MRO. Even Ex-gratia was not announced by the government. He complained that they were not allowed to perform even last rites and police forced them to perform the rites within two to three hours of his death. His wife was sitting silently in a corner with a heavy heart, tears rolling down her eyes. Their house atmosphere was full of sadness. The committee observed that the there is lot of anger among the family members on the government, society and on the politicians. They accused the MIM for this incident. They are very much angry on local MLA and Home Minister for not visiting them. They also expressed surprise over the visit of this committee in which they found Muslim activists visiting their house. At this high time they felt that Humanity is still in existence. They appealed to the committee to convey their feelings to the people, and to the government. They suggested that steps should be taken where no such kinds of incidents take place in future and government should take up the responsibility to protect the lives of the people. Politicians should not play with the lives of common people for their political benefits.
    After the fact finding, this committee comes to the conclusion that this violence is not communal riots between Hindus and Muslims, but were politically motivated and carried forward by anti-social political elements in a planned manner. There are many factors behind this violence.
    1. Green and Saffron Flags were tied in large number first time in the city.
    2. Hanuman Jayanti procession was taken out first time in the city.
    3. During the curfew period of ten days, Hyderabad’s every house was turned into jail.
    4. Continuous curfew for so many days is an inhuman act. People lives got affected badly; their health deteriorated because of unavailability of medicines, the daily wage labourers suffered badly.
    5. First time in the history of Hyderabad, barbed wire fencing was used in every nook and corner.
    6. First time in the history a number of Masjids have been attacked and demolished, in which real estate mafia is behind this attack.
    7. Attacks were carried in a systematic manner and the stones used for pelting were in big size and were not from the local areas.
    8. It seems that the mob was from outside the state; their language and appearance were unlike the locals.
    9. It is first time that the bikes were used in Hanuman Jayanti rally. That day the city was under the control of Anti-social elements and Police became mute spectators.
    10. To divert the people from Telangana movement. Many political leaders including ruling Congress party have stated that anti-Telangana forces are behind this violence.
    11. Congress’s internal politics which has the history of creating communal violence to change the leadership. Many leaders have already given statements about this possibility.
    12. There is an opinion among people that Lagadapati Rajagopal’s mind and money is behind this violence. They strongly feel the type of statements Lagadapati has issued saying, if Telangana is formed clashes will take place between Hindus and Muslims in Hyderabad, Naxalism will get strengthened and Hyderabad will become ISI breeding ground. People started suspecting about him when he got forcefully admitted in NIMS and later was shifted to Falaknuma Police station. Now people understand the reasons behind this act of his. People strongly believe that this politician is implementing his plans and statements which had given by using local anti-social political elements.
    13 There is a complete failure of policing and intelligence.
    14. There are complaints of police targeting innocent people by taking advantage of violence.
    15. This has become a golden chance for the Police to earn money. They are demanding huge amounts for letting off the illegally detained youths.
    16. Police informers played a big role in destroying the lives of innocent Muslim youths. They provided wrong information to the police for the sake of money and rewards and most of these informers belong to the peace committees or the Maitri committees.
    17. New generation youngsters became the ultimate sufferers and their lives are spoiled in this whole violence.
    18. Police opened the communal rowdy sheets of these youngsters, where by they will be targeted again and again for every small and big incident. Most of these youngsters are the new generation students.
    19. In these whole period Illegal financers gained benefits. They are taking advantage of violence and curfew and spreading their business all over the city especially in the areas of old city of Hyderabad. Their atrocities have increased under the protection of police and politicians. The poor who had taken a thousand rupees, in the period of curfew it became 10 to 15 thousand rupees.
    1. Judicial enquiry should be conducted immediately with the sitting Judge of High Court and report should be presented before the people within three months period. (Police Commissioner himself declared that it was a planned conspiracy, but did not mention as to who are behind this. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to conduct the enquiry and present the report before the people.)
    2. We demand to grant ex-gratia of rupees ten lakhs to the families of the deceased and medical aid and compensation should be provided to those got injured in the violence.
    3. Compensation should be given to the victims of violence, and to the people whose property was damaged in the violence.
    4. Stop Illegal detention and mid night arrests of innocents.
    5. The loss occurred to the temples and Masjid in the violence should be compensated.
    6. Permission should not be given to place the religious flags in public places. Loud speakers should be strictly controlled.
    7. Religious procession should not be allowed without proper bandobast whether it may be small or big.
    8. Indefinite curfew should not be imposed because it affects the poor community.
    9. Measures should be taken to minimize religious fundamentalism, so that secular values and peace and harmony is strengthened among people.
    10. Hindutva religious leaders are continuously visiting the city for conducting the public meetings, and delivering the hatred speeches. Therefore this committee demands to take immediate action against this.
    11. State Human Rights Commission should visit the city to protect and ensure the human rights of the people of Hyderabad. SHRC should take suo motto action on this violation.
    12. Action should be taken against the police personnel who gave the permission or allowed to take out rally and against those who were on duty during the violence in different parts of the city. Action should be taken against the politicians involved in instigating violence.
    13. Arrest the real culprits and punish them as per the law.
    14. Immediate action should be taken against the illegal financers.
    15. Withdraw cases against the students by considering their future.
    16. Religious leaders should come forward to educate and bring awareness among people about the reality and facts of flags in their religion.
    This committee strongly feels that there is so much anger among the victims. A woman said, ‘Jhande toh laga liye, lekin gharon ko veeran kar diye, Aurton ko Sadkon par lekar aagaye, agar wohi paisa gareebon mein baat-te toh zindagiyan sanwar jaate’, (which means they decorated the lanes and by-lanes with flags and destroyed the homes, brought women on the roads, if that money had been distributed among poor, their lives would have been improved). They are feeling that they have become scapegoats in the political war. They lost confidence in government, police and society as well. We have observed this in Narsimha’s family members and among the Muslims of the Musheerabad’s Bholakpur area. If government fails to take appropriate measures, politicians can use these emotions to start fourth phase of violence, which can be more dangerous than this.

  8. arisebharat Post author

    MIM Legislator Afsar Khan slaps police constable

    This is the continuous ” dont care for law” attitude of the MIM legislators..As mentioned in my blog entry, afsar is a notorious goonda who shows his might on helpless junior doctors, helpless women like Taslima nasreen and now police constables who cannot go against the MLA’s.

  9. Kafir

    moash, you are right when you command us to shut up. How dare Hindus talk anything against you people? We are supposed to be intimidated by raw and uncivilized force of Islam.

    When in history have you people accepted the concept of logical and rational debate? No wonder you have thrived and still thriving only on wars and terrorism. I don’t blame you because that’s how you people are brought up. I think its high time we replace the word irrational with Islam in dictionary.

    I request all meek Hindus to shut up now because if you don’t then Mr moashand and ilk will bomb your places, they can not tolerate any more questioning. I don’t think I need to remind here the bloody history of Islam.

  10. sanstud

    Yeah may be that before ‘moash’ quotes so many websites in reference to what sangh parivar had done (if it really had done something) he should find some time to go through the books like the ones mentioned below

    which were not written by either hindus/muslims but by a dutch journalist with complete facts. And books like these are not even allowed to be published in india for the mere fact that the minority community would dissapear from the list of communities !! I think its time for the people to know their ‘real’ history.

  11. Skanda

    Hey I see some moash get to his true colors, unable to stand a discussion! Did moash also try to attribute thousand years of muslim rowdyism, invasion, loot, murder, arson in India to sangh parivar’s mischief?

    Did moash also do some reading like Calcutta Quran Petition or Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invasions?

    Does moash probably have problem with the fact that Hindus are showing resistance to muslim rowdyism? Is he unable to digest the fact that for thousand years his folks are not able to completely subvert India?

    Does moash also open his eyes to see the fate of muslim countries like Afghanistan or Bangladesh or Pakistan that are only rotting by the day, bereft of human or technical or economic or social or civilizational advancement? Does he also know that if his fate is to be any better it is *beacuse of* Hindu society’s tolerance, mercy on him?

  12. nagaraj1395

    The riots that occurred in Hyderbad is nothing but the manifestation of the aggressive politics practised by the MIM. If the police commissioner had guts he would have first hauled up the legislator who instigated the locals over the innocuous flags not removed by them in the first place. Impression is gaining ground that MIM is unstoppable in its citadel irrespective of honest establishment. Riots have tendency to erupt only where a particular community is in majority and these politicians who breed in dozens during this time marvel in protecting their cadres by sheer intimidation .

    People who have been confined in their homes not by choice should now question their leaders what did they do to deserve this ? What if majority retaliates in the same fashion ? Will it be possible for even the army to stop this madness?

    Let elders in each community take a stick and restrain their youth pelting stones and indulging in Vandalism.There is a near unanimity to conclude that law beyond the other side of Musi is simply not implementable.

    Meanwhile television channels should stop airing views of irresponsible political leaders who surmise every conceivable plots in the riots to share the limelight. Police commissioner is also not above board when he saw a plot to destabilize this government as if to shirk from his responsibility of quelling riots in time .

  13. Skanda

    I hear some “moash” talking of fooling people! Does that person know the statistics of Muslim vs nonmuslim attacks done, casualities that happened ever since the inception of muslim rioting? Does this person know Islam to be the cause of division of this country into three pieces? The present state of Kashmir, old cities of Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi, Ahmedabad? The plight of Hindus in Bangladesh? Does he/she only know these few tens of incidents in Hyderabad or the millions of incidents over centuries? Who is trying to fool who?

    Above all, does he/she know that this person is able to talk of all this because of that person being a Muslim in India and not a Hindu in Pakistan? Is there something called thankfulness or honesty or at least shame?

  14. moash

    Over 20 people who suffered bleeding injuries after being hit by sticks, glass objects and stones were rushed to OGH from Sunday evening till night. Chaos prevailed at the hospital with people from local areas rushed to the hospital to check the condition of the injured leading to much rush in the hospital’s corridors. Duty doctors at the hospital said that cases were reported from Gowliguda Chaman, new Osman Gunj, Siddiambar Bazaar, Hussainialam and Sultan Bazaar on Sunday.

    Earlier, on Saturday night when tension erupted, 10 people had been rushed to the hospital. Among the injured, three are from the police and two from the media. “Trouble-mongers are asking names, noticing things written on the vehicles and targeting them. Police and Rapid Action Force though deployed in most parts of Old City in the wake of Saturday’s trouble were mute spectators,’’ said Mohammed Ismail, 49-year-old, who was injured.

    Sixteen-year-old Mohammed Shoeb who was returning home with his father on a two-wheeler was beaten up near Shanker Sher Hotel at Gowliguda and suffered bleeding injuries and cuts on his head, chest and neck. He said that the men followed him till the police station.

    “I ran to the police station bleeding but they even came inside. A constable sent them away. In the melee, I got separated from my father who was with me. They pelted stones, hurled glass bottles and beat us with sugarcane sticks,’’ said Shoeb who had bandages all over his body. Shoeb said that his vehicle was also burnt by the mob.

    Mohammed Azhar, a flower merchant who was helping the injured, said that it was a usual business day for them at Osman Gunj when people came in droves and started damaging property.

    Every body knows who is in majority in Gowliguda Chaman, new Osman Gunj, Siddiambar Bazaar, Mushirabad and Sultan Bazaar. Don’t try to fool the people. what the police ( mostly Hindus ) were doing, where is the intelligence? what they are doing?

    1. arisebharat Post author

      The police is a puppet in the hands of the Congress & MIM. Secondly, kindly do not mention the religion of the police because their religion is not supposed to matter while discharge of duties.

      Also, if it comes to pointing the religion of police, then fingers can be pointed to the Police commissioners, AK Khan’s religion which is hardly my case. My point is that by not arresting the MIM counsellors & MLAs while they lead the attacks in the past, they have only increased their confidence that they are untouchable. If the Hindus feel that they have no protection in Old City, the only way for them is to retaliate and make themselves count in places where they have the numerical strength. My point remains again that what u saw in Mushirabad was again in the pocket where the muslim is in sizeable number. It did not spread beyond that into the rest of Secunderabad except for sporadic incidents.

      Also, my point remains that wherever the Muslim population crosses a threshold of 10%, there is problem in that area, not only in INdia but across the world. The recent developments in Europe are also a case in point. There is something radically wrong in the inputs that are being given to Muslims by their Mullahs & maulvis which are making them a global problem.

      1. shazzy

        i request all of u to c this crisis as a human being not
        asa beliver of ur respective religions.whosoever is involved
        their act can not be justified by their religions.they are the
        robots of some extremists organizations who wants to fulfill
        their selfish political goals and this doesnt happen because of
        increased conc of a particular community as said by u ,it happens because of the ignorance of the ill educated people who neither know their own religion nor understands others,they r the people who believe in creating havoc in the life of a common man who prefers to live a peacefullife throughout.pls understand what a common man is facing now stop spredind among people as it has no boundaries

      2. moash

        Thank you for your usual PROPAGANDA about Muslims fighting.
        Scores of evidence has shown it is Sangh Parivar which is doing all mischief in India, and conveniently pointing WRONG-ACCUSING fingers at other community. Do you want to know truth??? Read this:
        Do you want to read more about Hindutva / Sangh Parivar Terrorism??? Read this:
        Do you want to read more about Hindutva Terrorism, from mainstream media reports??? Read this:
        Do you want to read some more mainstream media reports, with slight tint of DIVERSIONARY ACCUSING FINGER towards others??? Read this:
        I can “flood you” with reports, and links from mainstream media about Hindutva terror, and “wrong accusing” finger POINTING TOWARDS minority community OR neighbouring country.
        Wake up before Hindu Religion is COMPLETELY TAINTED with BIAS, HATRED, CASTE-DISCRIMINATION, OBFUSCATION, etc. etc. etc.
        Do you want to know Mossad infiltrated India, long before Mumbai 26/11 attacks??? Read this:
        And now, just SHUT UP, before writing your usual DIVERSIONARY / MUDDYING CLEAR WATER old-tactics. Thank you

      3. arisebharat Post author

        Moash, your last statement clearly shows that you have hatred for Hindu religion and the Hindus . It is people like you who marginalise the moderate voice of what Imran was presenting…and it is people like you, the stooges of MIM who are responsible for the situation in the country.

        To be fair in a discussion, you should have tackled the initial part of the blog entry which talks about the attacks, burning of goshala but by saying “shut up”, you are only reflecting your culture which does not believe in a discussion but only insists on shamelessly continuing unproven propaganda.

        Unfortunately for people like you, all the flooding of info that you want to do has no basis since it is based only on Hindu hatred… Hindu retaliation has nothing to do with the Sangh parivar…every self-respecting Hindu would retaliate when his cows and temples are attacked. The challenge before the country is that if unlawful perpetrators of hatred are not arrested, the common man would take to the streets and take law into his hand…which would not be in the interest of the country

  15. Imran

    In a riot there is no Hindu and no Muslim only the unfortunate suffer. Please do not mention the rioters by there religion as they have no religion. If they would have followed there respective religions no innocent would have been hurt.

    Lets show our courage by solidarity.

    1. arisebharat Post author

      Imran, unfortunately the riots were organised on the Hindus because of their religious identity. As long as the moderate Muslim does not wield influence on his society, and it continues to be in the hands of the mullah maulvi, there is bound ot be problem. I have complete solidarity with the victims but by equating the agressor with the victim, we are hardly solving the problem.

  16. R. Viswam

    There is a simple rule of thumb: when Indian English newspaper and TV channels black out reports on a rit. it means muslims have had their way. If muslims have suffered too, tremendous campaigns of genocide of muslims would have commenced.

  17. MHA

    Apart from media, even the authorities are to be blamed, obviously if GHMC follows its rules (in this case) by removing one set of buntings and allows other festivities it would not cause such situation. What if it was other way round, it would still provoke other sentiments. End of day its comman and innocent people who always suffer. India will still prosper…

  18. RAM

    yes our media is vry baised,CNN-IBN,NDTV are bussy bashing Modi.there is nt a single news about it in any news channels.When hindus relaliate media will be first to pint finger on us


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