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Emulate the great qualities of Sri Ganesha – Dr Mohan ji Bhagwat

Speech by Dr. Mohan ji Bhagwat at Bhagyanagar, Sri Ganesh ShobhaYatra on Anantachaturdashi , 12th Sept 2019.

Organised by Bhagyanagar Ganesh Utsav Samiti

Video of Dr. Mohanji Bhagwat : 

English Translation 

Namaste to all.

My Namaste to today’s excitement and joy. The excitement and festivities of Ganesh Utsav in Bhagyanagar are always the best when compared to anywhere in India. The excitement with the festive procession is moving forward. The atmosphere is full of happiness and joy. The procession paused here for a while, people are gathering here to listen to a few thoughts. This is a good thing on this great occasion.

Along with excitement and joy, we should have intelligence and wisdom. Today Ganesh Nimajjanam- Immersion is going on. Vinayaka is the son of Shakthi, son of Parvathi Devi. She is Jagath-janani, Goddess of Universe. Ganesh is her great devotee.  Once there was a question among the Gods, `Who’s the best among all’? So it was decided that whoever circumambulates the Universe thrice will be declared the best of all. All Gods and Goddesses arrived on their vehicles, Sri Lakshmi Devi came on her uluka- owl vehicle, Sri Saraswathi devi came on her hamsa – swan, Sri Mahavishnu came on his Garuda, Karthikeya on his peacock vehicle and so on. Everyone stood in line, ready for the competition. So they said to Sri  Vinayaka ‘you are so plump, and your vehicle is the small mouse, how can you participate in the competition, have you just come here to watch the race?’. Sri Ganesh answered that he too came to participate. Everyone started on their journeys around the Universe. Sri Ganesh simply circumambulated around Sri Parvathi Devi with Sri Mahasiva as his witness and won the competition.

We also travel here and there and around the world. We enter into the world of sciences and knowledge. We do extensive research in various fields. But people who have true devotion towards the mother will obtain everything. Our mothers are in our homes; after Jaganmatha, the mother of Universe, Bharath matha- Mother India is our true mother. Through these Ganesh festivities, we should inculcate devotion and care towards Bharath matha. Our victories, fame and welfare are embedded in that. But it’s not enough to have the feeling, we should increase our capacity. Sri Ganesh is a symbol of Shakthi, he’s the son of Shakthi, he is also the God of Wisdom and Intelligence. Without wisdom what is the use of power?

A man taught everything to his pet monkey, he used to talk to the monkey and it would understand. Once he was sleeping under a tree, gave his knife to the monkey and asked it to guard and protect him. After sometime, a fly came and sat on the man’s nose, it wandered around and came back again and again. The monkey was furious, took out the knife and cut the man’s nose, the fly simply flew away. We cannot use power without intelligence. And Sri Ganesha is the God of Wisdom.

Intelligence teaches us about everything and everyone, what are you as a person, what am I as a person and so on. We understand everyone’s secrets too. But we should keep those in our stomachs, and for that we need big stomachs, Lambodara like Ganesh. Ours is a very big society, with different kinds of people. To keep everyone bonded together, we need to understand the mentalities of everyone. We should discuss everything. Ganesha is the Lord of Word; Speech does good for everyone. It digests all the faults and mistakes in it’s stomach, and corrects it in a timely manner.  Not just that. Lord Ganesha has a big nose, two sharp eyes and very big ears. Nothing is hidden from Him. He knows everything and whether people are thinking correctly or wrongly.  To the right thinking people, he gifts them laddoos. If people are eating too many laddoos and getting diabetes, he has 21 kinds of leaves as a remedy for that. And for the people who are thinking wrong, He has the Trunk to tie them up with.  And for those who keep the society bound in discipline, and have self-discipline themselves, he is represented with the Spike in His hand.

Sri Ganesha comes to us with all these qualities for 10 days. Comes from where? Goes where? He neither comes from somewhere nor goes anywhere.  I will tell you where all he resides, all 24 hours, in all this creation, in eternity, he is available to us there; the very first, in our Mooladhaar – the root and very basis of the Existence; second, everywhere in this creation- all permeating, he’s Gana-nayaka, the commander of forces- he binds everyone and leads everyone. He who binds everyone, resides with everyone and directs everyone. He is also very alert and careful, our country needs to be alert all the time, even in smaller things. In bigger issues, we succeeded. People wanted to win the country with their arms and power, people wanted to defeat our country by deluding us with their brains, nothing has worked.  Now they are trying smaller narrower ways to win. By showing some small snippets on TV, a few people writing something, and by pitting one against the other. We should remain alert and aware, should not get trapped in these minor ways, not misunderstand our own people, we should bond with and take everyone along.

Sri Ganesha is the Lord of Organization, and organizing ourselves is what we need today in our society, we don’t need anything else. If we organize and remain united, the good people find relief, and bad people go silent. Just by seeing us. Even with Sri Ganesh ji it’s the same, our wishes are fulfilled, if we see and sight him, and if we remember and recall him, we don’t even have to seek anything. Let us remind ourselves that we all belong to the same society, we invite Sri Ganesh ji who resides everywhere for eternity, He the form of Atma and Parmatma, to our homes. We as hosts, give Him offerings, we keep Him with us as ourselves. Then He goes away on a world tour to take care of the world and He will return next year.


When we worship Sri Ganesh ji in this form means, we try to become like Him. The offerings we give, like flowers, fruits, water etc  are all symbols, but the real meaning of worship is, we must try and become like Him.  We must become strong and powerful like Sri Ganesha. People don’t listen to even good things without power. Power is not to kill, hurt or harass others, but to strengthen ourselves so that killers and harassers don’t overpower us. Our shakthi –power is to protect the good people. It is to protect the weak and helpless. Our power is never to frighten or hurt others. We neither fear nor frighten others. Another shakthi-putra like Sri Ganesh is Sri Hanuman. There is great friendship between Sri Ganesh and Sri Hanuman.

To worship Sri Ganesh means to try and become powerful like Him. But Shakthi –power needs direction from Buddhi – Wisdom. And both Power and Wisdom require Bhakthi – Devotion in their minds towards Bharat Matha. Devotion to Bharat matha- Mother India means devotion towards India’s nature, people, water, forests, land, trees and animals. Keeping all these in mind, if we have that fervent devotion towards motherland, then the shakthi and buddhi- power and wisdom will be completely beneficial to all the people.  Along with these qualities, we should imbibe Sri Ganesh ji’s liberal and tolerant attitude, and His capacity to absorb and correct the mistakes of others; the qualities represented by His long trunk, sharp eyes and big ears, and His vehicle, the small mouse. There is no place the mouse can’t go, it goes into all nooks and corners, we can’t catch it. The mouse has even learnt to escape mouse-traps. It goes everywhere  and brings information from all places, yet it remains within itself. We have to become like that, reach everywhere, become well-informed, and think about welfare of all, like a well-wisher.

Today  we are bidding farewell to Sri Ganesh ji, we are saying to Him, you have work everywhere, please go and complete, but come back early next year.   In Maharashtra we say, Ganapati Bappa Moraya, Agle Baras Thu Jaldi Aa, meaning come back early next year.  Sometimes there’s an extra month’s delay due to calendar. But He can’t stay away without returning. Why does He return every year?  Because He feels that if he resides in our homes, as one amongst us, we will learn some good things from Him. He’s not afraid to stay with us, He is God, nothing wrong touches him. There can be no wrong, where He stays. But we have to learn good things from Him. We should learn good things from everyone, ignore the bad things in others. If we can help end bad things in others with affection and friendship, we should try. But get together with everyone, there is strength in being united with others. We should build that strength by unifying people.

The thought about welfare of the world is embedded in joining with others, we should awaken that unifying spirit. In doing this, we should not look at our selfish interests. Why are we doing this? We are doing this for Bharat matha. `Tere vaibhav amar rahe maa, hum din chaar rahe na rahe’!  We should work with this spirit. Sri Ganesh ji has achieved that, when he circumambulated the universe. We should strive to emulate Sri Ganeshi ji in our lives, not just make him a festival entity. If we are able to do that, this holy day of Ananta chaturdasi when we are bidding farewell to Sri Ganesha  will be cherished.  If I come to know that the participants of this farewell journey are trying to become like that, then I will visit you all once again to fold my hands in gratitude to all of you.

Namaskar. Dhanyavaad.

  • Translation : Pradakshina  




Swami Chinmayananda and VHP

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad was founded at Swami Chinmayananda’s ashram in 1962, with Swami as the founder-chairman.

In that year the pope was visiting India; Catholics had vowed to convert 108 Hindus to Christianity in each city the pope visited. Incensed at this predatory practice, Swami announced he would bring 1,008 back into the Hindu fold in each of the same cities. Reconversion of those who converted through enticement or coercion remains a central VHP goal.

From 1964, Swami had no formal post with the VHP, but served as spiritual guide. According to Ashok Singhal, general-secretary of the VHP, Swami was responsible for the concept of the Hindu vote bank. Swami observed in 1988, “Strength in a democracy flows out of the power to vote, not just through physical strength.”

Swami was not exempt from controversy. In fact, at times he invited it. He opened one meeting by saying emphatically, “I think that is not sufficient that I congratulate you all, but show you a mirror of what you have not been doing which is absolutely necessary. I know many of you may curse me in the end, but if a swami cannot take curses, who else can take them?” He raised hackles in the USA in 1979 with his pointed criticism of the failure of many Indian immigrants in the USA to infuse Hindu culture in their children and with the formation of temple societies among only family people without a guiding guru. He demanded–and personally set through extensive adult and youth camps–a higher standard of Hindu culture in the West.

Excerpts from Article in Hinduism Today on Swami Chinamayanada

Lakhs Of Devotees In Puri Rath Yatra Making Way For An Ambulance Is Winning Hearts On Internet

Puri Rath Yatra, Lakhs Of Devotees In Puri Rath Yatra Making Way For An Ambulance Is Winning Hearts On Internet

A whopping number of nearly 1 million devotees who came for Puri Rath Yatra have once again proved that they have a big heart and a sense of responsibility.

Puri Rath Yatra, Lakhs Of Devotees In Puri Rath Yatra Making Way For An Ambulance Is Winning Hearts On Internet

In a heartwarming gesture, the crowd parted ways in an orderly form to make way for an ambulance.

Embedded video

SP Puri@SPPuri1

1200 volunteers, 10 organizations and hours of practice made this human corridor for free ambulance movement possible during Puri Rath Yatra 2019.

The video surfaced on the internet just a day after the Gundhicha Jatra and went viral instantly.

In a tweet, Puri SP Umashankar Dash said that “Nearly 1200 volunteers, 10 organizations and hours of practice made this human corridor for free ambulance movement possible during Puri Rath Yatra 2019.”

Puri Rath Yatra, Lakhs Of Devotees In Puri Rath Yatra Making Way For An Ambulance Is Winning Hearts On Internet

This year Puri police department has done special security arrangements with 181 CCTV cameras, 155 platoon force including 15 SP & Commandant officers, 110 Inspectors, 650 SI & ASI, 2400 Home Guards, 2 companies of RAF, 2 OBF, 2 ATS, 2 NIA, 2 ODRAF units & 1 NDRF unit.


శ్రీ రామానుజాచార్య

  • రచన: పి. విశాలాక్షి    

ఆధ్యాత్మిక ఆకాశoలో వెలిగే సూర్యులలో ముఖ్యులు శ్రీ ఆదిశంకరాచార్యులు, శ్రీ మధ్వాచార్యులు, శ్రీ రామానుజాచార్యులు; ఆదిశంకరులు అద్వైత భాస్కరులైతే, మధ్వాచార్యులు ద్వైత సిద్ధాంతకర్త, రామానుజాచార్యులు విశిష్టాద్వైత వేదాంత తత్త్వవేత్త.


శ్రీ రామానుజాచార్యులు సుమారు వేయి సంవత్సరాల క్రితం శ్రీ పేరుంబుదూర్ లో 11వ శతాబ్దం, 1017సంవత్సరంలో కేశవ సోమయాజి, కాంతిమతుల పుత్రుడిగా జన్మించారు. ఆయన గురువు శ్రీ యాదవ ప్రకాశుల వద్ద శిష్యుడిగా చేరి వేదాలు, ఉపనిషత్తులు,శాస్త్రాలు అభ్యసిoచారు. కొన్ని అర్ధ తాత్పర్యాలలో గురు శిష్యులకు భేదాభిప్రాయాలు రావడంతో శ్రీ రామానుజాచార్యులు తనంతట తానే అధ్యయనం చేయడం ప్రారంభించారు. ఆయన `ఆళ్వారుల’ సంప్రదాయం ప్రకారం నాధముని, యమునాచార్యుల బాటను  అనుసరించారు. వారు యాదవ ప్రకాశుల వద్దనుండి వెళ్ళిపోయిన తరువాత గురువు మహాపూర్ణులకు శిష్యులై సన్యాసం స్వీకరించారు. కాంచీపురం వరదరాజస్వామి దేవాలయంలో పూజారిగా ఉంటూ పరబ్రహ్మ తత్వం గురించి బోధిస్తూ ముక్తిమార్గం ప్రవచించేవారు.





 యమునాచార్యుల ద్వారా వైష్ణవ సంప్రదాయాలు వ్యాప్తిలోకి వచ్చినవి. వైష్ణవ భక్తులని `ఆళ్వారులు’ అని పిలుస్తారు, 12మంది  ముఖ్య ఆళ్వారులు- పొయగై ఆళ్వార్, పూదత్తాళ్వార్, పేయాళ్వార్, తిరుమత్తిశై ఆళ్వార్, కులశేఖరాళ్వార్, నమ్మాళ్వార్, మధురకవి ఆళ్వార్, పెరియాళ్వార్, తొండరిప్పడియాళ్వార్, తిరుప్పాణాళ్వార్, తిరుమంగై ఆళ్వార్, శ్రీ ఆండాళ్ దేవి.  వీరిలో బ్రాహ్మణేతరులు, ఒక స్త్రీ ఉండడం గమనార్హం.


 భగవద్గీతకు, బ్రహ్మసూత్రాలకు భాష్యాలను రచించారు. వారి గ్రంథాలలో అతి ప్రాచుర్యమైనవి `వేదాంత సంగ్రహం’ – వేదాలపై భాష్యం, భగవద్గీతా భాష్యం, బ్రహ్మసూత్రాలపై `శ్రీ భాష్యం’, `వేదాంతసారం’, `వేదాంత దీపిక’, `గద్య త్రయం’ అనబడే  శరణాగతి గద్యం, శ్రీరంగ గద్యం మరియు శ్రీ వైకుoఠ గద్యం.


 శంకరులు ఆత్మకు పరబ్రహ్మ తత్వానికి భేదoలేదని, ఆ తత్వo జీవకోటిలో భాసించడమే అద్వైతమని తెలిపారు. అయితే శ్రీ రామానుజాచార్యులు, `ద్వైతం’ తో జీవాత్మ పరమాత్మ వేరు అని కొంత ఏకీభవిస్తూనే, జీవాత్మలలో ఉన్న విశ్వజనీనత  కారణంగా, భక్తితో భగవంతుడిని సేవిస్తే, ప్రతి ఆత్మ పరమాత్మ అవగలదని `విశిష్టాద్వైత’ తత్వాన్ని విశదీకరిoచారు.

విష్ణుభక్తులందరూ వైష్ణవులేనని శ్రీ రామానుజులవారు ఉద్భోధించారు.  ఆసేతు హిమాచలం పర్యటించి, విశిష్టాద్వైత సిద్ధాంతాలతో పాటు కులభేదాలులేని వైష్ణవ వ్యాప్తికి కృషిచేసారు. శ్రీరంగనాథుని దేవాలయo పూజావిధానాలు సంస్కరించి కొన్ని ముఖ్య పద్ధతులు ప్రవేశపెట్టి, అన్ని కులాలవారికి దేవాలయ ప్రవేశం కల్పించారు. శ్రీరంగం, తిరుపతి, కాంచీపురం మరియు ఇతర వైష్ణవాలయాలలో వారు ప్రవేశపెట్టిన ఆచారాలు, పూజావిధానాలే నేటికీ కొనసాగుతున్నాయి. వారి శిష్యులైన శ్రీ కూరత్తాళ్వార్, శ్రీ అనంతాళ్వార్ మొదలగువారు విశిష్టాద్వైతాన్ని భారతదేశమంతా వ్యాప్తి చేసారు.

నేటి చెన్నైకి సమీపంలో ఉన్న శ్రీ రామానుజులవారి జన్మస్థలం శ్రీ పెరుoబుదూర్లో వారి ఆశ్రమం, దేవాలయం ఉన్నాయి.



Narada Muni

There are many devatas and rishis who are wrongly depicted in movies and modern books. The roles of nArada, Yama, Indra, Chitragupta are the usually portrayed by comedians.
Laughing at any jokes, nay, even the mere act of watching these silently means you have accumulated sin.
In reality, we must forever be indebted to these devatas.

The etymology of the name nArada is — “nAram j~nAnam dadAti iti nAradaH” — bestower of wisdom and thus nArada. Most of the important literature that Hinduism rests on today has
a contribution from nArada. The first shloka of Ramayana starts with — tapaswAdhyAya niratam, tapsi vAkvidAm varam*, nAradam paripappracha vAlmikirmuni pungavam.

Observe that the first proper noun that occurs in Ramayana is that of nArada’s. Observe also the adjectives that are used for nArada- “ever engrossed in study of vedas and meditation”, “excellent among knowers of veda”, “eminent among sages”. Hindu literature gives a lot of importance to the mangalacharana shloka — no wonder then, that by taking the name of nArada in its first shloka
Ramayana has outlived all history books in the world and will be there for as long as the Sun and Moon. In the conversation that takes place, Valmiki asks nArada questions
and nArada preaches Valmiki the story of entire Ramayana. The first 100 shlokas of Ramayana which describe this condensed conversation are popularly called as Baala ramayana.
In one of the versions of how the robber Ratnakara got transformed into sage Valmiki, it is nArada who teaches “mara mara” to Valmiki.

It is nArada again who requests VedaVyAsa to compose BhAgawata purana. In the same BhAgawata, nArada describes his own story of a previous birth.

ucchiṣṭa-lepān anumodito dvijaiḥ
sakṛt sma bhuñje tad-apāsta-kilbiṣaḥ
evaṁ pravṛttasya viśuddha-cetasas
tad-dharma evātma-ruciḥ prajāyate

Highlighting the importance of good company and serving the wise rishis. nArada was a servant boy and served the rishis with a pure heart. The rishis blessed the boy with spiritual knowledge.

nArada was the guru of both prahlAda and dhruva. prahlAda is taught by nArada even while he in his mother’s womb. The child grows up to be a great bhagavadbhakta when he is born.

In the case of Dhurva, nArada first tests dhruva’s resolve and then gives the mantropadesha of Om Namo Bhagavate VAsudevAya.

on the instruction of Lord viSHnu, nArada also leads the ignorant and tAmasic souls to further ignorance . e.g nArada puts a doubt in Kamsa’s mind that any of the children born
to Devaki could be the cause of Kamsa’s death This makes kamsa develop further hatred for the lord and commit child killings. Many mistake this as a cruel act of nArada.
In reality, nArada has only brought out the true colors of kamsa.

The popular satyanArAyana kathA found in skanda purANa starts with nArada approaching viSHnu and asking for a simple solution for people on earth especially of kaliyuga.

In summary, devarishi nArada’s role in origins of Itihasas and Puranas, spread of namasankirtana, mentoring of other bhaktas is truly an act of benevolence upon
those who are on the path of spiritual progress.

The next time you or your well-wishers watch a movie and see any of our spiritual gurus being depicted in wrong light, just change the channel or lodge a protest if possible.
May nArada bless us all with sadbuddhi and take us on the right path. Jai Sriman Narayana.


-Arun Harnoor